Alliances and Partnerships

SPEEC reaches out to students throughout the UConn community of schools as well as local entrepreneurs, venture capital funds, small business incubators, and entrepreneurship groups in order to expand its presence both inside and outside the UConn community.   In particular, we have recently reached out to Nerac, a start-up incubator located just a few miles off the UConn campus. Nerac serves as a think-tank, facilitating the start-up process for many hopeful companies. Additionally, they offer support and guidance to its entrepreneurs and in certain cases, make investments in their businesses. Nerac has been kind enough to offer their support, guidance, and resources to our SPEEC group.

SPEEC is in the process of reaching out to UConn’s School of Engineering to engage in conversations with engineering students.  With the assistance of Nerac, SPEEC group members will be speaking with engineering classes in the hopes of garnering their ideas and bringing them in to share with the group. The end goal is for engineering students to utilize SPEEC as a support system and idea forum, much like Nerac does for aspiring entrepreneurs.

We hope to continue to build and bolster relationships like the one we have recently begun with Nerac as a means of expanding our presence both inside and outside the UConn community.