Materials & Programs

I will be providing information on where you can purchase or find more information on some the programs I incorporate into therapy and where you can buy the materials, such as dice, tally counters,  and worksheet sleeves.  Please check back!
Jennifer Taps, Articulation Resource Center in the San Diego City District
Access Jennifer's power point presentations, which include information on the research associated with Mass Practice, Randomization, and Centers uses in the Speech Improvement classes. 
Say It Right: Entire World of R
I use the whisper technique and the co-articulation techniques outlined in their elicitation manual and the free power point presentation (Look under "Resources and Training" on their website).
Tally Counters:
Best price website!  Tally counters should also be available at your local office supply stores.
Neon Stitched Shop Ticket Holders:
Insert your worksheet or workbook page and use dry erase markers- makes worksheets reusable! I also use these with arcitulation and vocabulary bingo games for students who are distracted by the colorful chips. Very durable!
Double Dice and Multiple-Sided Dice:
Students LOVE these! You can also find a lot of unique dice at your local comic book store or some toy stores/game stores. 
*All links posted with permission.