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Tourney Sign ups

If you are signed up, you are expected to go.  It is a big problem for the organizers if participants drop--or add--at the last minute.  If there is an error, please email Sue Hayes at as soon as possible.  If it is less than 24 hours before the event, please CALL ME at 610-388-2886.  You will have to pay the regular fees (including hotel and transportation costs) PLUS DROP FEES if you drop for ANY reason after the Drop Deadline, which is normally 1 week before the tournament.  You will not be able to compete in other tournaments until your past due balance is paid in full.

Please sign up for the following  tournaments by XXX.   Sooner is always better—the larger tournaments fill up quickly, and I always try to register you as soon as I get your information.   Judges and judge apprentices, please sign up as well.  To sign up (with your specific event—check to see if it’s offered if there’s an information link), please send an email to

All parents are welcome to attend any or all of the events.   We need every parent to learn how to judge and be active with the team.

PCFL events typically include cross ex, Lincoln Douglas, public forum, congress, declamation, original oratory, poetry, prose, extemporaneous speaking, dramatic presentation, duo

 PHSSL events typically include cross ex, Lincoln Douglas, Parliamentary debate, public forum, dramatic interp, humorous interp, duo, extemporaneous speaking, commentary, original oratory, informative, persuasive, poetry, prose

I'll send out better, specific details during the week prior to each event. 

 You qualify as junior varsity/ novice if you are in your first year of an event or if you did limited competitions last year (sorry, no seniors).

Unless noted, costs are minimal (probably less than $6)

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