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Exploitation and Dissemination


  1. Achieve widespread awareness about SpeDial to all relevant parties (industry, academia, user communities, other EU projects).
  2. Advertise and promote SpeDial scientific and technological achievements at trade-shows, conferences and other events.
  3. Exploit the SpeDial system and services via user communities, B2B and B2C business models.
  4. Manage the SpeDial intellectual property.

Description of Work

  • Task 5.1 Web site and data sharing infrastructure [VoiceWeb]: The website is an important dissemination medium for SpeDial, as well as, a collaboration tool for the partners employing content management and collaborative wiki technology. The site provides: news, project flyer, publications, deliverables, demos, downloads, private/public collaboration area, data exchange etc.
  • Task 5.2 Dissemination activities towards industry and academia [TSI-TUC, all]: Communicate the scientific and technical advancements of SpeDial to the: 1) international scientific community via publication of papers in conferences/journals, and 2) companies, organisations, user communities and standardisation bodies in trade-shows, user conferences and via direct interaction. Dissemination will be achieved also via information days, user conferences and collaboration with EU networks, e.g., META-NET.
  • Task 5.3 Exploitation activities [VoiceWeb, all]: This task addresses the exploitation plan and actions for all the technologies, platform and services developed in the project. The SpeDial consortium will follow a stepwise approach in exploiting the project results, i.e., 1) successful development and assessment of the technology, 2) identification of target application scenarios, and 3) analysis of potential market deployment of the technology by SME partners.
  • Task 5.4 Managing Intellectual Property [VoiceWeb, all]: Providing a legal framework for protecting the IPR that will arise through the work of individual partners or the consortium as a whole, as well as, facilitation of the commercial exploitation of SpeDial outputs.


  • D5.1 Web Site and Collaboration Tools (M3)
  • D5.2 Market Analysis and SME business plan (M9)
  • D5.3 Interim Report on Dissemination and Exploitation (M12)
  • D5.4 Final Report on Dissemination and Exploitation (M24)