This is the mirror that changed the world!

The Greatest Science Nerd Gift Ever!
Walk in Newton’s footsteps and grind your own mirror!
Buy a museum quality mirror ready made!
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Museum quality mirrors

Isaac Newton Collector's Speculum Telescope Mirror 2 inch

The 2-inch mirrors are exact replicas of what Isaac Newton submitted to the Royal Society.  This is the mirror that changed the world.  Every major telescope since its creation in 1668 has been built based on this telescope design.  On sale at Amazon.

The 4-inch mirror is 4 times bigger than the 2-inch mirror.  This is the perfect science gift for the astronomy geek! Moving to Amazon soon.

The 5-inch mirror is the largest speculum telescope mirror you can buy.  It is 6 times bigger and weighs more than 3 pounds.
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This video was shot at the Royal Society.  It really is an Amazing Metal!

Isaac Newton's Original Speculum Telescope Mirror

 The granddaddy of them all!

Would you like to walk in Newton’s footsteps?  You can!  Polish your own mirror.  You can start right where Newton started or let me do some of the work.

This is it!  This is the mirror that started it all.  Only a handful of people can say they have seen one of these, even fewer can say they have ground and polished Newton’s mirror.  
On sale at Amazon.

The 4-inch mirrors are easier to grind than the 2-inch mirrors (easier to hold) and are spectacular when finished!
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The 5-inch mirrors are simply the best.  I love making these mirrors.  They take more time and more skill to produce, but I am sure you will love yours. 
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