Please read the following premise and then
answer the questions about it. 

Nuclear warfare ravaged the planet, plunging humanity into a new Dark Age. Radioactive clouds blotted out the sun, and a decade-long winter followed. Nations crumbled, millions starved, and plagues culled those who remained. At the brink of extinction, humanity evolved into three new species. 

The Pure are the fewest in number and psychically frail, but their superior intellect and beauty allow them to socially dominate the others. The Ogres are savage and dim-witted, twisted by mutation and disease into hulking brutes. Ogres serve the Pure as enforcers. The Drudges are the least changed of the new breeds, possessing neither the enhanced intelligence nor strength. While they are most numerous by far, all Drudges are enslaved. Some are even bred as a food source.  
Only a few of the prewar breed remain. These "Elders" are hunted by the Pure, who seek to extract their untainted DNA in order to find a cure for a mysterious disease that gives some Pure the gift of prophecy, but drives them mad in the bargain. 

1. Identify details associated with these basic worldbuilding components: Place, Technology, Culture, Speculative Elements.

2. What, if any, viability issues are there? 

3. List at least 3 implications of this premise.

4. Which of these protagonists is best suited to this setting? Why?


Dabin is a Drudge laborer enslaved by a powerful Pure family. He enjoys reading, a skill his mother taught him, and he avidly reads anything he can find as an escape from the harsh realities of his life. Dabin is an alcoholic, and he steals things to pay for his habit. He dreams of running away and starting a new life somewhere far away where nobody knows him as a thief or an addict.


Mei is a Pure adolescent who suffers from the prophetic plague. She can't always tell the difference between reality and the hallucinations brought on by her disease. In these visions, the world is as it was before the war, and she's in a relationship with a scientist who works as a genetic engineer. During her more-lucid moments, Mei is convinced that the scientist is a ghost who holds to key to restoring humanity.


Eserelda is an Elder, albeit a young one. She was just a baby when the nuclear winter began, so she doesn't remember the old world. Both of her parents died when she was a teen, and she doesn't know any other people like her. Sometimes she pretends to be a Drudge to escape her solitude. She believes that one day the oppressed will rise up, and she hopes to see it happen.