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  • “Response was  over-the-top and was the most successful in the company's history. Sales skyrocketed with TrafficTickets™ , generating more traffic and sales than any previous promotion."
  • "The results proved this medium is the tool needed to achieve our goals in this extremely competitive time."
  • “We usually get a 2-3% response when we run a  consumer promotion, we were not prepared for the 14%+ response we got using TrafficTickets™.”
  • "I will be using TrafficTickets™ auto program again soon.  I highly recommend any dealership consider using TrafficTickets™.... It's fresh, and it works!"
  • "We had people lined up from opening until closing to see what they had won.  Our sales skyrocketed during and after the event."
  • "Before using TrafficTickets™, our cost per credit application was 6 times more - they are a real winner!"