Targeted Direct Mail (TDM) requires a buy-in to a new way of thinking.

Much of TDM being used today is tired.  Perhaps exhausted.  Scratch-offs, Peel-offs, Key programs and Discount programs of recent use, are simply tired and boring to many of the customers who flip through their mail.  With postage rates hiking up a notch, why not try a TDM campaign that’s proven successful for 20 years with our Fortune 500 clients?

TrafficTickets™ requires the customer to physically respond, in order to participate in your event, by going to a specific location, with ticket in hand, and inserting it into the strategically positioned display that contains the Electronic Decoder.  We’ve consistently produced bigger response than competing products.  Response rates of 3%, 6%, 10%, 20% and even +30%.

Marketers investing  in TDM should expect that the same-old programs, used for years, peak over time, leaving behind lost sales, interest, and engagement with their brands.  Investing in newer print mediums delivers increased excitement and engagement with those same customers.   
TrafficTickets™ is about investing in a promotional event  that complements the varied aspects of today’s multi-channel campaigns, while still delivering measurement capabilities.

Marketing continues to evolve at a fast pace, with the explosion of many new channels.  
TrafficTickets™ is a great hub piece, one that easily complements your TV, Radio, Internet, Outdoor and other Print aspects of your next campaign.

Marketers continue to be held responsible for revenue growth.  Executives are more interested in how the marketing is contributing to the bottom line than what the click-through rate is.

Bring back the “excitable” levels of past successful TDM campaigns.  Deliver your next campaign message in a format that will entice engagement from your customer.  With 
TrafficTickets™, “Everyone’s a Winner!” 

Allow our team to assess your next promotional event, store openings, new product launch, etc.  Together we'll create and deliver one of the easiest measured and most impacting consumer traffic building campaigns you’ve seen.

Go ahead, take a look at our program.  Kick the tires.  See for yourself why TrafficTickets™ remains a top secret among our Fortune 500 clients.