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Program Security

Totally Secure makes our TrafficTickets™ system easily insured in respect to top level prizes.  Our patented ink process assures your promotions will come off without a hitch.  Our proprietary "Magic Inks" and low-cost electronic decoders eliminate fraudulent copying/printing by utilizing a totally secure and innovative printing process that we developed.  Our promotional events have been running trouble free for 20 years while we continue to provide millions and millions of printed TrafficTickets™ along with thousands of our unique electronic decoders, each and every year.

We are very aware that everyone must do business with companies that take security issues very seriously.  All of us at Spectrum Promotions follow a strict protocol regarding security and we dedicate serious and complete attention to all details specific for each program we produce.  We work closely with agencies on a regular basis that require a high level of security due to prize value and game integrity.  We have taught some tactics and tricks to the professionals that have been hired by prize insurance companies to oversee the printing and seeding process for various programs.  Our policies and procedures are second to none.  We are pleased to share with you all the specific procedures we use.  Contact us for details of our Policies and Procedures.