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Kawasaki Motors Corp's. summer promotional campaign, The Kawasaki Good Times Sales Event, recently finished.  Over 800 dealers across the country participated in this hugely successful event through the use of our patented TrafficTickets promotional program.  Our program became a nucleus component of this event, distributing millions of TrafficTickets™ via Direct Mail, TV, Radio, Magazine, Online, as well as handed out at various public events throughout the country.

Kawasaki Motors Corp. experienced incredible, chart-topping response to this summer promotional event, driving huge numbers of consumers through the front doors of Kawasaki dealerships, with 
TrafficTickets™ in-hand.  Kawasaki Motors Corp. was extremely pleased with the results of the campaign, stating that response was "over-the-top and was the most successful campaign in its history".  Sales skyrocketed with more traffic and sales than any previous Kawasaki promotion.  The Client was excited with the results of this campaign and are looking to repeat next spring.  Dealers polled were ecstatic over the phenomenal results, and have expressed a desire to expand their co-op participation next season.

Considering our country's current economy, and noting the products being sold during the event are typically classified as a "want" not a "need", the response rate produced using our patented 
TrafficTickets™ was many times more than expected, and far better than other traditional targeted marketing programs.
Working on an upcoming promotional event? In need of something new and fresh? Add TrafficTickets™ to the planning and we'll help you produce both results and a lot of consumer traffic!