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About Us

For over 25 years Spectrum Promotions has been driving in-store consumer traffic.  Our patented TrafficTickets™ system delivers one of the most effective direct mail tools available.  We've distributed well over ONE HUNDRED MILLION tickets for use in a wide range of successful direct mail campaigns, in industries just like yours!  If you're serious about generating greater in-store consumer interest and boosting response rates of your direct mail programs, you need to call us today!  We have the tickets to your success!

The TrafficTickets™ system is a patented electronic Interactive Promotional Technology. Consumers insert their TrafficTickets™ game piece into the Official Prize Center, in-store electronic decoder and visually see what prize they have won. Every ticket is a guaranteed winner!  We offer up to five different prize levels, perfect for co-branded promotions or events.

Totally Secure makes our TrafficTickets™ system easily insured in respect to top level prizes.  Our patented ink process assures your promotions will come off without a hitch.  Our proprietary "Magic Inks" and low-cost electronic decoders eliminate fraudulent copying/printing by utilizing a totally secure and innovative printing process that we developed.  Our promotional events have been running trouble free for 20 years while we continue to provide millions and millions of printed TrafficTickets™ along with thousands of our unique electronic decoders, each and every year.

The TrafficTickets™ system works best distributed via direct mail, newspaper inserts, magazine inserts, adhered to an existing mail piece, added as statement stuffers or hand-distributed at the retail location or event.  It's all about driving consumers into retail locations; increasing sales; improving brand awareness; acquiring, retaining, and cross-selling customers; perfect for launching new products or services, a seasonal promotion, new branch openings or even  driving traffic to your trade show booth.

Our clients utilize our TrafficTickets™ system to drive in-store consumer traffic for businesses that include national/regional chains, retail stores, shopping, casinos, dining, banking, hotels, auto dealership groups, trade shows, events, seminars and much, much more.

TrafficTickets™ is perfect for new store openings, sweepstakes and seasonal events!  With up to five prize levels, our TrafficTickets™ system is great for your next co-sponsored event.

Do you have a B2B or B2C Trade Show coming up?  Why not use TrafficTickets™ to drive booth traffic during that event.  Call us today to explore all the options of our program.