Spectrum of Examples

- Hands-on Fiber Characterization and test results analysis, including OPM, OTDR, CD and PMD
- Analysis of turn over packages of documentation from telecom vendors and carriers, incl. analysis of test results and phy infrastructure
: OTN G.709, SONET, Carrier-Ethernet. DWDM (40G and 100G)
Documentation: SLRs, DLRs, virtual cross-connects, as-builds, visio drawings, PM tools (Robo), NetCracker, Moglog, Chipmunk, Customer Provisioning Records.
Test Gear: OTDRs, OPMs, CD/PMD modules and viewers, (Anritsu, Exfo, JDSU, Yokogawa and Fluke)
Network EQPT: Infinera OTN/DTN, Nokia-Siemens NSN SURPASS hiT 7300/7500, Alcatel-Lucent 1830 PSS-32


- Network design, integration and implementation as a response to engineering change orders (ECO, ECI, RFI, RFQ and RFP) within the constraints of the scope, quality, time, cost and corporate guidelines to meet customer’s expectations and ensure customer’s satisfaction.
- SNMP SW and HW development roadmap; Construction NOC’s with deployment SNMP based network and content surveillance equipment
- Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP) and final User Acceptance Tests (UAT).

- Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA).

Customers: Motorola, Verizon, Fox News, Fox Business, NBC Olympics and some other major Telecom and Broadcast Media players

Technology: SONET/ SDH, DWDM, Metro-Ethernet, IPTV / HDTV, SNMP, multicast/IGMP (networks with hundreds of SONET / DWDM, thousands of IP switches, routers, clustered machines and tens of NOC’s)

Equipment: Tellabs 7100, Fujitsu 4500, Lucent OLS, Motorola MBT, Cisco 15454, C6509, C3550, C3750, Miranda SNMP Linux AppServers, MTM400, Dell 850, OLT’s / ONT’s.


Multitasking requirements in providing technical assistance to equipment vendors and system surveillance of non-traditional complex next generation networks, including development and fine-tuning of:

Lab day-to-day Network Surveillance and Fault Management procedures

Fault Management procedures and alarm definition description process

Enhanced Operational Support procedures

Optical equipment operational guidelines

Method of procedures (MOP) for optical equipment

Turn-ups, configurations and First Day of Service (FDOS) procedures, tests and documentation for optical equipment

User Acceptance (UAT), Operational Readiness (ORT) and Interoperability (IITC) Tests

Awareness across multiple transmission systems

Support vendor in developing standard OS procedures

Configuration of, bug detection and techsupport for Beta versions equipment

Replication of customer issues in the TAC lab, actions and solutions

Evaluation of “Pre-Beta (β)” and “Beta” equipment from various telecom vendors as a “ghost customer”

Technology: Frame Relay, TCP/IP, routing protocols and switching fundamentals, ATM, SONET/SDH/DWDM, HDLC, PPP, VPN, POS, MIB’s,

SNMP, NMS/EMS, CLI, TL1, SS7, Cisco3600, Cisco15454 (Cerent454), NokiaASR-2020 (AmberASR2000), Juniper, Adtran, Extreme, Siemens

DCO/EWSD, Sycamore8K & 16K, Fujitsu Flash 150ADX, 600ADX & 2400ADX, Alcatel 1631SM & 1603SMX DACS, 1640OADM, 1680OGM,

Summit 48/48i, SmartBits, Gnubi, OTDRs, Anritsu, Windows 9x//NT4.0/2000, Netcool/Omnibus, HPOview, Remedy



Network topology; SONET/SDH protection schemes and conversion; cross-connect audit; network capacity and change management; LCR; traffic efficiency; national exchange routing guide and provisioning DB updates.

Technology: carrier grade fixed and wireless network topology; class 4/5 voice switches, data switches and routers, DACS, MUXes



Project: re-conditioned ATT outside plant, FTTN / FTTP implementation for LightSpeed IPTV services.

Equipment: Alcatel-7330 DSLAM, Alcatel-7450 ESS, Alcatel-7750 SR, Fujitsu FlashWave 4020 ES and 4500 SONET MSPP


Applications: ARES, FEI, WorkPrint, PLR’s, ACR’s, LFACS

Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA). Remote and On-Site Techsupport. Field Engineering. Sales Support. Replication of Problems in Telecom Lab. NE’s and Network Installation, Integration and Configuration. SONET /DWDM Ring Insertion. Test and Turn-up. RMA Decisions. Vendor Support and Management, MOP’s, ORT and UAT (EF&I), Product Change Analysis, Customer Training.

Technology: primary - SONET, DWDM, Carrier- and Metro-Ethernet, EMS/NMS/SNMP; secondary – TCP/IP, IPTV, Voice, VoIP and VoD.

Customers: carriers (LEC’s, IXC’s, ILEC’s, CLEC’s), carrier’s carriers and cable companies, utilities, military, air force, NAVY, us.gov

Equipment: Lucent- LambdaUnite, DMX, DMXTend, DMXPlore, DMXPress, DDM2000, FT2000, Lucent Compact Switch (LCS VoIP), WaveStar SONET/SDH, WSM (Movaz DWDM), PSAX2300/4500 ATM. Cisco- 15454 ONS, 3560, 65xx. JDS- Waveshifter 200/300. Eastern Research- DNX11/88 DACS; Infinera- DTN (DWDM); Fujitsu- FlashWave 4500; Alcatel- 1640 and 1648 ADM’s, 1603 DACS, 1680 OGM

Project Analysis and Management: multiple projects environment, network integration, site construction and deployment, customer requirements, infrastructure feasibility studies, capacity and inventory management, interfaced with customers, vendors and contactors.

Achievements: Installation and integration of 49 Cisco15454 (400 NE’s total) for us.gov; Network deployment for CTA (800 SONET and IP NE’s, Metro-Ethernet, VoD, VoIP and IPTV); Insertion and integration of 7 DMX’s for Equinix; Insertion of LambdaUnite as a core NE into multiple UPSR and BLSR rings, made out of 27 FT2000’s, 5 DDM2000’s, 25 Cisco15454’s and 12 Alcatel1648’s; Support Lucent FMA; Deployment of WSM4.0 DWDM for Edison/Cingular; Development of EF&I plans remote techsupport, field support, network integration and operation policies



Audit of switch configuration, capacity, provisioning and cross-connect assignments; Commissioning, Network integration, Test and Turn-up (ORT/UAT ANSI & NEBS compliance)

Technology: Alcatel DACS / DSLAM (1603, 1631, 1630, 1633, 1677 & 7470), Titan5500/532L, ADC & Ericsson Base Station Controllers, Granite

Xng DB, Remedy, Alcatel 1301NM Explorer, HPOView, Netcool, EMS/NMS, SNMP, Centest6505, Agilent, SmartBits, OmniBER 718, TBERD310, NetAnalyst4.5, TL1, CLI



International business development for major US telecom vendors, including: market research, industry trends, developing business cases, partnerships and distribution channels opportunities, local regulatory issues, certification and localization

Technology: carrier grade fixed and wireless network topology; class 4/5 switches, voice, VoIP, data and IPTV applications and services



Domain Consolidations & Migrations; Network Topology; Telecom vendor management; Installations of Operating System and migration tools; antivirus and security patches; Active Directory; NetIQ Directory and Resource Administration (Citrix/DRA); User accounts and security issues; Remote access and administration; Help Desk techsupport and resolution related trouble tickets

Dell & IBM desktops/laptops, Blackberry, Palm, Win2k, NT4.0, XP, PDCs/BDCs, Dynamic Imaging, Outlook2000, Exchange 5.0, Win2000 Server, Sun, Cisco Catalyst4000-6500, Alcatel DACS, QoS, CoS, SLA, WAN/LAN protocols, DNS, TCP/IP, DHCP, VPN, Dial-up, Cisco 3600 Dialin/Dial-out Utility; Visio, DameWare NT Remote Utilities, Remedy, CiscoWorks, Network Scanners, Proprietary Applications



DS0-DS3, OC3-OC12 circuits / facilities design. Equipment assignments for NE’s. Capacity / inventory research and planning. Switch translations. Escalations from Tests & Turn-up’s and LNS. Assistance and coordination efforts with Tests & Turn-up’s, City Ops, LNS / service providers and other AT&T internal and outside support organizations.

Technology: HDSL2, SS7, DSLAM, DMS100/500, Lucent 5ESS/4ESS, AnyMedia, Tellabs Titan5500 DEX, Alcatel 7300ASAM, 1631SX & 1603SMX DACS, Adtran mux’s, Channel Banks, CSU/DSU; Telecordia CLLI, CLCI, CLFI, CLEI interfaces, COLR, PlaNET, ToolBar, Verigate, ASR, LSR, CSR, QoS, CoS, SLA, CFA, FOC, TIRKS, BPP, T1/T3 Rearranger, HPOV, Alcatel 5620NM/5620SNMP, NICE and other Network Management, Interoperability and Transactional applications




Transmission equipment of various long haul up to 10 Tbps submarine and terrestrial networks for Domestic and International operators (OC3 - OC192 SONET/DWDM, UPSR/BLSR/Linear and their SDH equivalents)

Day-to-day Network Surveillance and Fault Management procedures

Circuits Design for Direct Wavelength (DWS) and Transport Services, including provisioning of equipment, facilities, circuits and services (virtual circuits assignments and DACS operations)

Planning network capacity, feasibility study, inventory control

Updates for provisioning records database; Design of related CIPs, DLRs, CLRs and WORDS; QoS, CoS, SLA and DMOQ compliance

Performance of cross-connects and service activation procedures;

Development of Level 3 and 4 Provisioning and Cross-Connect Methods of Procedures and Standard Operating Procedures

Internal and outside plant tests

Development of network naming convention, NOC Provisioning Process and Documentation Package, Network Logic Maps, network security policies; conversion procedures for International traffic

Technology: Alcatel 1640OADM, 1680OGM, 1603SMX DACS, 7300/7400ASAM, OmniSwitch 4.0, Agilent, SmartBits, OmniBER 718, OTDR, 1343NT Billing Server, 1301 NMX server, 1320 NM Server, 5620NM, 5620SNMP, OSS boxes and IP edge routers, Extreme, Summit 48/48i; Telecordia CLLI, CLCI, CLFI, CLEI interfaces, Alma PM (Remedy), 1320 NM (HPOview), 1301 NMX Explorer, Netcool/Omnibus, Visio



Analysis, translation, troubleshooting and resolution of technical problems as the ultimate stage of escalation from upper-level management.

Analysis of Automatic Message Accounting (AMA) and Call Detail (CDR) records. Billing issues related to trunking system and switch translations.

Troubleshooting of domestic and international long distance traffic focusing on availability of Carrier Identification Parameters / Carrier Access Codes as a revenue loss prevention measure (problematic NPA / NXX regions)

Arrangements with RBOC and overseas LECs in order to open traffic with their Tandems and CO’s

Liaison between local, international and underlying carriers and Network Provisioning Dept. to maintain equal access and availability of Customer’s CIPs/CACs.

Technology: SONET/SDH, DWDM, GR303, SS7, ATM, HDLC, PPP, LERG, CT1, Teleflex, DCP, Remedy, EMS/NMS, NT4.0, AS400, NetTerm, SQL, Siemens DCO and EWSD class 4/5 switches, SCO, Cisco routers and switches, OSS’s boxes, EO Equipment, CSU/DSU, trunking groups, ETBs, calling/caller’s equipment; PlaNET, TIRKS, NT4.0/2000/Unix, ASR, LSR, CSR, QoS, CoS, SLA, Telecordia CLLI, CLCI, CLFI, CLEI interfaces, Inter and Intra LATA’s

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