I am a 'sound art' composer and producer from Melbourne, Australia. I compose a range of musical styles under the name Spectrical, incorporating elements from ambient, drone, modern classical and glitch. I work with acoustic sounds, including field recordings, non-musical objects, and musical instruments, which I digitally process to varying degrees and arrange into compositions. I began to learn music at an early age, beginning violin lessons at the age of 5, and learning guitar in my teens. I started Spectrical in 2009 at the age of 18, when I began experimenting with audio processing. 

Each of my works – whether complete or in progress – explores a distinct theme or concept, such as a method of sound recording, a sound source, a narrative, or a particular place, whether experienced or imagined. For example, Silktremor (2012) focuses on constructing cohesive soundscapes using only the surface vibrations of everyday objects recorded with a contact microphone.

– Timothy Allen

Circling Shadows
Featured in [Deep] Into the Abyss compilation

Released 7 March 2014
Label Chase Records
Catalogue chase060
Label Country France
Format Digital
Length 8’53”
Styles Ambient, Drone
Source material Electric signals and non-musical objects, recorded with an induction coil pickup and a contact mic.
Availability Free download


Released 18 November 2012
Label Test Tube
Catalogue tube261
Label Country Portugal
Format Digital
Length 29'49"
Styles Ambient, Drone
Source material Non-musical objects, all recorded with a contact mic.
Availability Free download
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Current Projects

Title TBDA drone/ambient full-length work, composed entirely with electronic signals recorded with an induction coil pickup, and digitally processed to varying degrees.

Title TBD: An ambient/drone EP, based on field and room recordings of natural environments, objects and activity.

Title TBD: A drone/modern classical full-length album, based on the deconstruction and processing of piano recordings, combined with field recordings.


spectrical.tja (at) gmail (dot) com