Port Mouton Lighthouse, Spectacle Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

About Us

In 2004, the residents of Port Mouton/Southwest Port Mouton learnt that the Port Mouton Lighthouse was about to be demolished. The Government had decided to tear down the Lighthouse because it was no longer deemed an important navigational aide and in poor condition. To understate it, the "locals" were not amused. They were determined to ensure their lighthouse (fondly referred to as the "Spectacle Light") would continue to stand for generations to come. They quickly banded together, harangued the "powers that be" and led by Brigitte Petersmann and Leonce Huskins, formed the society. To everyone’s surprise, the government reacted very favorably. Not only was the Lighthouse allowed too remain standing, it was extensively repaired. Since 2004/05, the Society has continued to work with the government to preserve and promote the long-term health, heritage, and history of the Lighthouse and Island.