Telvanni House Mod


A Telvanni Tower and settlement in Cyrodiil
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A few years ago, Jon Satriani gave me an update to the tileset.
I packaged it up as a modders resource for ORE members. you can download it at the link above.

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- German version here.
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Jon Satriani; Created a Telvanni Tile Set.

Using the Telvanni Tileset for Oblivion,
I created a small village. 

"Tel Valus" of the southern Valus Mountains.
A Telvanni Tower and settlement in Cyrodiil.
creation date Jan., 2009


General Features:

There are 5 exterior buildings, one is on the tower top:
*Settlement tavern (hostel-free beds)
*Settlement general services (forge and general store)
*Guard house
*Herdsman's hut/ stable
* Tower's Turret (mage lab)

The tower is spilt up into 4 sections. From bottom to top:
-Dungeon, Basement, Lower Tower (4 levels), and Upper Tower (8 rooms or areas)


All storage unless labled as such is safe storage. There are hidden treasure chests to keep loot stashed all over the tower. Specifically 2 areas off of levitation shafts. And a guarded area in the dungeon. There are armor maniquens in the lower tower as well as display tables. The living quarters also has storage and display space. There is no "Main" storage area.

Special Features:

*Custom unique tile set used. Custom designs, devices and gardens.

*The Dungeon is deep in the earth below the tower in a lava cave. It is where the forced labor lives, and where the jail is located. Organic bridges high above lava, As well as a creature guarded treasure area.

*The Basement is located just below the surface. It is where the root foundations of the tower is located. It sits on the areas aquafer. It containes gardens, benches with overlooks.

*Lower tower: This is where visiting Dunmer sleep. It is also where the Tower's Mouth lives. He provides mage services. Unique and specialty custom built organic furnature that is useable.

Upper Tower: This section consists of 6 areas. A lounge, a private study, a master bed, master bath, library, and dinning hall. Access to roof and turret is located in dinning hall.

*Outdoor Stable, walkways, picnic area, and a huge meadow behind tower.

Lastly there are many custom items, books and designs to look at. 13 creatures, 17 ncps.

I also highly recomend going into the CS yourself and adding any and all things Morrowind to the tower. I was restriced on what I could add for general release, but I intend to add Bonemold armor and Dwarven stuff to my personal version.

 Telvani House Readme


 You can view the current images so far,
In this

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textures 01

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textures 03

Drop contents of all archives ONTO your data folder and click yes to over-write.

Installation Note
There are 5 files to download. --3 .zips that have textures folders in them.--1 .zip that has the meshes folder. --

And one .zip that has the esp in it.

Drag the .esp, meshes folder and textures folder --onto your data folder in your Oblivion directory and check the box or use OBMM.