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Welcome to Guar Central !! 
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Welcome to my Elder Scrolls Site:
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2018 Update: Finally, I bought a new computer. I will be slowly returning to Elder scrolls, gaming, and modding.

I am on semi - permanent hiatus from modding due to chronic health conditions.

Please consider all of my Oblivion mods yours to do with as you please.
If this site or it's links should go down, feel free to upload my mods elsewhere as you see fit.
This notice overwrites all notes, and previous permissions.  Blessings and all the best.


ps. Thank you to codix105 and others who have uploaded these mods elsewhere. I really appreciate your help and friendship.
Thank you to Sherrie and those at ORE, MORE, and Skyrim Real Estate over the years.....

(Some of the Oblivion mod links/ download links may be broken, I will eventually fix.
If you want them or anything I helped with from back in the ORE days, email me at speckledguar [at] 
I am sure I will return to modding once the new TES PC game/s come along.

Future TES game Mods


My Oblivion Mods
and pages

You can find these mods here and at various sites online. Further information can be found by clicking on the white links below.

Crystal Crag Fortress

Cropsford, A Knight's Estate

Chapel of Mara, A Modder's Resource

The ORE Holiday House

Darkskull Tower

Hackdirt Underworld

Telvanni House Mod -TEL VALUS  a village. The only full Telvanni Settlement in Cyrodil (that I know of) :)