Our Wedding Day!

March 22nd, 2008 

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day! The weather was absolutely fabulous and it was amazing to see our family and friends come out to witness our marriage and celebrate with us.

We have so much to be grateful for.  

Getting Ready





*DH and his GM surprised me with a Limo* 


The Ceremony




*Kind of.*


Party Time!



This is Love!







My Two Cent about Weddings:

The planning process can get stressful at times, if you let it. It was mostly fun for us. Doing all of our projects and figuring all this wedding stuff out has been interesting and so rewarding. Toward the end stress did take ahold of us both for a little while. Looking back, that was a good thing because it gave us an idea of how we will work through stressful times in our marriage. 

I know people always say that to have a wedding you only need a bride, groom and someone to marry you. Well, that's true, but most of us don't go through the trouble of planning to have everything fall apart at the end! Things can and will most likely go wrong the week of and on your wedding day. Try and focus on what's going right. My life saver was having a binder. I had all information for vendors and anything else needed right in there organized. My mind was shot by the day before my wedding, so this helped alot. My second life saver was having my friend there with me from Wednesday until Saturday, the wedding day. If she was not there, I seriously would have gone insane. Not only did she help me out getting last minute stuff done, but mentally it was great to not be alone those last few days.

Weddings cost to darn much! Period! However, with some planning, researching and DIYing it does'nt have too! We spent about 1/4th of the average cost for our area. Whatever idea you have, it is possible to do for lower costs.

Our wedding day truly was amazing. We were blessed to have our friends and family there supporting and celebrating with us.

That's what it's all about...Family, Friends and Love!