The week of September 17 - 21, 2008 -- We designed our lesson's around camping.

This week we buily our lesson's around the theme of camping.  On Tuesday we did math counting sheets, counted marshmellows, tasted marshmellows and made a charts of which color was the favorite of each, used these to  learn the concept of more, less, and same, in daily living skills we learned all the steps to make a sweet little snack called smores, read a camping story and then made our own mad - lib style using pix-writer.  For P.E. that day we went on a discovery walk where there was an array of items to be found (snake skins, a giant bee hive, variour animal skulls, bones, rocks and minerals, and many other types of trees and leaves).  After lunch our therapist came in and brought a speical sensory activity for all to enjoy.  Mrs. Suttell packed up her backpack with many items used while hiking and camping and as our students explored they got a chance to use each and everyone of their senses during this activity. We did a pecs activity where the students got a chance to choose what they would pack in there backpacks if given the chance.  To end the day we sang campfire songs around our fireplace.

On Thursday, we took our lessons and headed to the woods to see if we were ready to give camping a go.

We unloaded the bus and walked through the fields of green grass.

Some got there by sliding board and some by boat.

Everyone gathered around as Coach Dodson tried and eventually succeeded to start a fire with just a flint and knife.


It was then Story Time

We picked rather we wanted more stories or smores.  Some listened..

Some took turns at the fire roasting our mashmellows.

Of course there was the eating of the smores "This was Alex's type of Sensory Activity"

We hund out and we played cards "Watch Out! I think he's Bluffing"

Coach Leach Cooked, While Chris Supervised


We ate and We ate "Coach Leach Can Cook"

We Went on a Bear Hunt

We searched the cattails both high and low,

We looked in the trees and behind this pole,

We looked by the fire and on the deck,

We looked by around the lake and in the lake,


We looked in pairs and over by the stairs,

We checked out the canoes,

The Daniel found this grizzly bear hiding in the cabin

Psych!  Relax Pam, there were no bears.

Once back at school Mike Davis a Civil War Reinactor, came by to show us some of the tools that were used by the soldiers to camp and survive for long periods of time out in the field.

We enjoyed our day at Camp Brethern Woods in Kezzeltown, VA.