Description of the Special Event


But if you're at INTERSPEECH we strongly encourage you to seek Julia Hirschberg and/or Pascale Fung to discuss your interest in Code-Switching. Also, please consider answering the survey about this here:

Code-switching (CS) is the phenomenon by which multilingual speakers switch back and forth between their common languages in written or spoken communication. CS may occur at the inter-utterance, intra-utterance (mixing of words from multiple languages in the same utterance) and even morphological (mixing of morphemes from different languages) levels. CS presents serious challenges for language technologies such as Automatic Speech Recognition, Language Modeling, Parsing, Machine Translation (MT), Information Retrieval (IR) and Extraction (IE), Keyword Search, and semantic processing. A prime example of this is acoustic modeling and language modeling in automatic speech recognition (ASR): techniques trained on one language quickly break down when there is mixed language input. The lack of basic tools such as language models, part-of-speech (POS) taggers and parsers trained on such mixed language data makes downstream tasks even more challenging. Even for problems that are largely considered solved for monolingual corpora, such as Language Identification, or POS Tagging, performance degrades at a rate proportional to the amount and level of mixed-language present in the data.


Why a Special Event at INTERSPEECH?

We want to bring together researchers interested in solving the CS problem, to raise community awareness of the (limited) resources available and the work currently underway for the study of CS, with particular emphasis on work in the speech community. 


How to participate?

We will host a lunch meeting with interested researchers working on CS or interested in starting to explore this area. To ensure we can accommodate everyone, we will do this as by invitation only. Interested researchers will be asked to submit a white paper (one pager). Tentatively we're planing on holding this lunch on Saturday 10th, or Sunday 11th. The final date will be decided as soon as we hear the availability of interested people.

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