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Parents who suspect their child is using drugs or hiding contraband in their home can call upon Specialized K9 to sweep selected areas of the home to validate or disprove their concerns. The service is completely confidential and will not involve Law Enforcement without your consent. If it is a spouse you are concerned about, we can help in that manner as well. Also In some matrimonial and custodial disputes when alleged drug use may impact custody matters,Specialized K9 can be a less invasive alternative to bringing these issues to light,and keeping private matters private.
Public and Charter schools are meant to be a safe haven of learning. The Safe Schools Act and State laws have been written with the students rights to privacy being quite limited. Administrators have many options at hand while dealing with drug issues within their schools. Specialized K9 can assist administrators on many levels with random, unannounced visits. Not knowing when we will be there can be as much a deterrent as the K9's actual use. 
Businesses may wish to have a K9 search conducted for the safety of their employees and to eliminate liability issues. Businesses are also afforded discounts on their insurance premiums for being proactive in having random drug searches on their premises. Employers may wish to employ Specialized K9 to assure their property is a drug drug-free zone. 
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