Who We Are:

Specialized K9 Detection Service was established in March of 2012 to fit many ot the needs which were previously unavailable in the Capital District of New York State.  With the availability of Single Purpose Narcotic K9’s quite limited in the Law Enforcement community and non-existent in Private Industry, Specialized K9 began providing private and confidential searches filling in the gaps.  Having the ability to work one-on-one with the client and dealing with problems in a variety of ways outside of traditional law enforcement intervention, has established us as a leader in the industry.  Areas where our K9's can be used include;
  • Public and Charter Schools
  • University's, Dorms, Frat houses
  • Businesses, Offices, Warehouses, Employee common areas
  • Private Residences
  • Drug treatment facilities or residences
  • Sporting or Private events
  • Concert Halls and Stadiums
  • Storage Units
  • Realtor Resources
  • Government Facilities
Just to name a few

Company Presentation

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