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“The World Needs More Healers… And This May Be Your Calling”  

Discover How You Can Begin Assisting Others And Making A Difference 

Using Dr. Tong’s “Mind Healing” Process To Assist Yourself And Others To

 Obtain Health, Wealth And Peace Of Mind…

A Process That Not One In 647,315 People May Know About.







(A special offer, not to be taken lightly)

Dear Healer:

     Since the discovery of the 7 Life Lessons, I’ve noticed that the “process” involves sharing, teaching, and living the 7 Life Lessons to complete the “process."  I have had everyone, and anyone incorporate the lessons into their own practice or “calling."  Educators, counselors, and professionals have all incorporated the “process” into their profession and you can too!

But My Challenge Was ...

     “How Could I Duplicate Myself?  So, I documented “my healing process," created forms and systems, AND BUNDLED IT INTO A ONE WEEKEND EVENT!

     Now You Can Unleash And Unlock Your True Potential And Really Make A Difference In The World At This Very Special Weekend…

Attendees will hear and receive…

Techniques for Releasing Negativity:  By addressing one's energy and releasing of any negative energy, your coaching clients can begin to move forward with a "clean slate".  These techniques can enhance any healing modality or counseling program.

Releasing The Past:   If someone can let go of the past, their true self becomes present… very powerful).  You will be given the insights and techniques that I personally use in our 7 Life Lessons weekend event, to energetically and consciously remove emotions of the past.


Emotional Inventory Worksheet: This form shortcuts the coaching process and accelerates the 

effectiveness of the “process.”  A coaching program in itself where in just minutes the client’s Life Lessons 

automatically surface and becomes the “map” to their Spiritual freedom.  At the event, I will give the insights 

to the “behind the scenes” on the untapped power of this worksheet.


My “Balance Sheet” Coaching Form:  This is the easiest and most powerful coaching form ever!  I 

personally use this form with my “coach” (yes, I have a coach, and this is the form that we have used for over

 a decade… and it works!).  This form can be incorporated into any practice to create balance in their lives.


Abundance:  I will be revealing what I have discovered about the truth of the manifestation process and the

 biggest challenge for anyone trying to move forward.  I’ve personally used this process throughout my life 

and did not discover that I was even doing it, until one day I was coaching someone in my Net7 Group (those

 who make over one-million each year) and it instantly took them to a “new level."  Now I share this technique

 with everyone from the corporate executive to the homeless … and it works!

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People are broken and they’re looking for healing…
This Is Your Calling.

The “Healing Process” that I have developed includes:

Inventory of Their Beliefs:  We get a full understanding of their beliefs and use this information as tools to assist them.  Because of this step in the “process” it works for almost all religious backgrounds and beliefs, including those with no Spiritual beliefs.


Kinesiology, “Muscle Testing”:  By applying Kinesiology to the “process," it speeds up and accelerates the process.  What might take weeks or months of counseling, can be revealed in just minutes. Very powerful.

Identifying Emotional Events:  Using several techniques, you can easily identify your client’s “Significant Emotional Event(s)” and the “Life Lesson(s)” tied to each event.  Once he or she becomes aware, the client begins “processing” the event with the lesson.

Shift of Perception:  Based on the client’s beliefs, new ways of “viewing” the events are discussed until a peaceful viewpoint is established and agreed upon.

Healing Meditations:  Attendees will have access to the healing meditations and will also hear how to develop their own healing meditations.

Summer 2018 Saint Petersburg, Florida

Crystal Bay Hotel 7401 Central Avenue

Saint Petersburg, FL 33710

Phone (727) 914-7676

Program Outline:


6:00 PM       Welcome Dinner In The Main Dining Room

7:30 PM        Overview & Universal Impact
Bonus:          Releasing Negativity Insights/Techniques


7:30-10 AM    Breakfast In The Main Dining Room

8:30 AM         Yoga In The Healing Room

10:00 AM       The Coaching Process & Forms

                      Listening & Questioning Skills

12:00 PM Lunch

1:00 PM          Kinesiology - Muscle Testing

                       Spiritual Perceptions & Meditations

6:00 PM          Dinner In The Main Dining Room

7:30 PM          Mastermind Groups / Inner Circle


7:30-10 AM    Breakfast In The Main Dining Room

8:30 AM         Yoga In The Healing Room

10:00 AM       Business Models, Marketing,

                      Automation & Your Lifestyle

12:00 PM       Lunch

1:00 PM         Abundance, Q & A

3:00 PM         Graduation Ceremony

Please Note:

“At This Event I Am ‘Letting The Cat Out-of-The Bag!’

Pulling Out All The Stops - Letting It All Go -

Not Holding Back Anything”

If This Program Was Offered For $2995...

It Be Worth Every Penny!

Imagine If All It Did Was …

  1. Unlocked Yourself So That You Can Start Moving Forward... Would it be worth it?    Yes! Every penny.

  1. Gave YOU The Tools To Help A Friend Or Family Member… Would it be worth it?     Yes! Helping others is important to me.

  1. Allowed You To Assist A Young Person Struggling Such As A Grandchild … Would it be worth it? Yes! Priceless.

“YES - Count Me In!”

But, because you’ve attended events, sessions or seminars with me in the past 

and had agreed to receive our Special Offers…

We are offering a $1,000 credit for this all-inclusive weekend event.

Total Investment $1995

Or Easy Payments of $199/month For 12 months

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Includes Course Program and Materials, Hotel Accommodations & Meals

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Our Totally Unheard-Of Money-Back Guarantee!

If at any time during the event you feel “this is not for me,” or any for reason whatsoever, just let a staff member know and receive a FULL REFUND - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  And then stay at the hotel for the remaining stay as our guest absolutely FREE! That is our Guarantee to you!


“The Fine Print”

I have limited this event to a small number of participants and we have not shared this with our “general list”, because we want attendees like yourself, those that have committed, willing to take action, and take a really want to take a BIG step forward to assist others.  Call Now (727) 365-2321 or “click” the link below and reserve your seat (no credit card required).


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   I look forward to seeing you there!


Dr. Mark

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Dr. Mark W. Tong

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Saint Petersburg, FL 33710

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