The Literacy Problem in the US

The Literacy Problem in the US

The U.S. Office of Education estimates that 27 million adults are illiterate. This alarming number means a large portion of our nation's adult population lacks essential skills to live in or contribute to society. Unless we do something now, the growing illiterate population will severely tax the nation's economy and way of life. 

The Economic Costs

Illiteracy in America affects more than the non-reader. It affects us all. Or government suffers loss of revenue as well as higher welfare costs. It even affects our national security. More than one-fourth of Army enlistees can't read training manuals written at the 7th grade level. Illiteracy means loss of manpower, loss of money and lower productivity. Illiterate employees cost their companies daily in terms of workplace accidents, poor product quality, absenteeism and lost management time.

The Human Costs

Reading is so simple for most of us; we have forgotten how important it is for our self-esteem our self-sufficiency and for improving our lives. Although illiteracy cuts across social and economic lines, many illiterate adults are just subsisting. Most keep their inability to read a closely guarded secret. Illiterate citizens fail to reach their full potential as parents and functioning members of the community.