some facts about immigration

‘When in Rome do as the Romans’    English Proverb


Listen to questions immigration.mp3

Ask your partner these questions.

Don’t forget to use follow-up questions.

Who/ Where/When/How /How long/How much, many/ Why/What/What time/



Start your answers like this:

Are there any immigrants where you live? /at your school?

Yes, there are /No there aren’t

Where are they from?

They are/ Most of them are from…

Do they have a job?  What kind of job?

Yes, they work as …. /they are…..

Do people in your neighbourhood accept them?

I think so /I don’t think so

Do you think foreign people have the right to live here?

I think so /I don’t think so

Do you think ethnic minorities are discriminated here?


Do you think immigrants should accept our traditions?


Should we respect their traditions too?


Do you think we need immigrants for jobs we don’t like?

Well, in my opinion, …….

Is it true that immigrants work while young native people don’t?


Do you think jobs for immigrants will lead to more unemployment?


Do you think employers discriminate immigrants?


If you were an employer would you give a job to an immigrant?

If I were an employer, I’d /I wouldn’t

Do you think immigrants should have the same rights if they have a job?


Do you think ethnic minorities are responsible for criminality?

I think so /I don’t think so

Are the people in this city prejudiced against minorities?


Are they law-abiding?


Do they pay tax?


Do they get driving licenses?


Do they insure their cars?


Do you think immigrants integrate well at school?


Would you take your children to a school where racial minorities go?

Yes, I would / No, I wouldn’t because…..

Do you think foreign football players are also immigrants?

Well, as I see it, they are …..

And what about foreigners living in seaside towns?

What do you mean?