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Rumblings and reflections on my world, which might be yours too.

This website is a place for my notes and ramblings on subjects that interest me, for my poems, for my photographs and other visual creations, and for links to other sites and pages that I find fascinating, intriguing, or beautiful. Here be there monsters. I hope you like them.



The Star Trek Cycle

Political Poetry

Miscellaneous Sonnets and Other Poems

Eye Candy

My Photographs

photographs, drawings, 3D models, Photoshop mashups, and other visual creations.

Art: Mathematical and Otherwise

The Big Subjects

Computing: Engineering, Art, and Science

Software is what I do for a living, but what it is capable of has been a lifelong interest. Very few of the people I've met in this business are just engineers or programmers, or whatever their job title says they are: they are artists, dancers, philosophers, scientists, writers, and many other things. Here are some of my observations, and theirs, about our jobs and our interests.

Complexity: Theoretical Biology, Complex Systems Theory, Theories of Consciousness and other interests

The various sciences of complexity have been an interest of mine for a long time, starting when I worked for several years in a graduate department at UC Davis Medical School where several of the professors had eclectic interests, and passed them on to me.

Politics and Other Wierdness

People may be the smartest apes, but they're still pretty strange. The comments in this section are in no way intended to save the world, just make people look at it a little more closely. Or laugh. Or both.

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