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The Speak Easy Vape Lounge: Keeping it Classy, Cabaret Style

Posted by Jessi Jane in The Bud Buzz

No matter what you’re looking for, you will be sure to find it at the Speak Easy Vape Lounge in Colorado Springs!  A distinguished cannabis-friendly venue, locally owned and operated by Jaymen Johnson and his amazing crew!  The atmosphere here is friendly and inviting.  Here, you will always find various forms of entertainment to include live music by local artists, karaoke, open mic night featuring recitations/drama, Colorado’s finest Cannabis DJ Chris Diablo, and other amazing talent from across the nation.  This is the place to be, whether you’re looking to shoot some pool on one of the two pool tables, vape from one of the many vaporizers provided, shoot some darts, make friends who will eventually become family, or simply to chill.   This is a place where like-minded people from all walks of life can come together and enjoy the high life in a cabaret-style cannabis-friendly vape lounge setting…where everyone knows your name, because they want to  :)

Walking through the door, you are greeted by a friendly face and a warm welcome.  Simply show your ID, sign in at the table, maybe pay a small cover…the rest is divine history.  The large, spacious layout of the Speak Easy leaves plenty of room to mingle.  More importantly, it’s always nicely ventilated.  Along the right-hand side of the main area, you will find cozy black leather couches ready for you to lounge in.  Tucked away in an intimate corner to the left, you will find a cozy, dim-lit area boasting a couch, loveseat, chair, and table.  As well, there is a long table (kind of in the center of the main area) with seating on either side.  On this table, you’ll find complimentary glass pieces for your use, trays, alcohol wipes (keeping it sanitary!), torches, pokers!  :)

You’ll definitely want to check out the variety of amazing glass pieces (pipes, water bongs, the Colorado Drill, and many other awesome accessories), t-shirts, merchandise, and CD’s they offer!  Accommodating the possible need to munch and/or hydrate, they also offer beverages and snacks of all varieties (chips, crackers, candy bars, water, soda).  Um, yes!  Even pizza!  You can order a decent size pizza for only $5!  Go see Jay, Matt, Myssuh, Jessica, or Stephanie behind the counter and they will be sure to hook you up with whatever it is you’d like.  :)

Just down the way from the counter and to the left, you will find the  ”Pimp Parlor”.  This room has been graciously dedicated to the Weed Pimps of the Weed Pimp Nation (founded by Dustin Rose and J-Dub), a highly influential family of cannabis supporters and activists who are doing outstanding things for our community on the daily, spreading positivity, pure love and their knowledge of cannabis and its benefits to the world.  To know them is to love them!  So, if you prefer a more private session, the Pimp Parlor is for you.  For added comfort, this room boasts a large flat screen television, a couple of couches, chairs, and tables.  And for your convenience, this room is available upon request for private parties.  Perfect spot to chill!

It’s impossible to put into words what the Speak Easy has done for me.  The first time I ever went to the Speak Easy, it was for the first ever Meet and Greet in Colorado Springs hosted by AJ Hashman.  I had such a good time at this event that I just knew I had to go back again…and again…and again!   Since then, I’ve met some of the most truly inspiring, intelligent, talented, loving, kind, generous, open-hearted/minded people at the Speak Easy.  These very people are making a difference in our community every day, whether they realize it or not!  I found something I didn’t realize I was looking for.  I found family…and family found me at the Speak Easy Vape Lounge.  That’s something you can’t find just anywhere.

Come and check out the Speak Easy Vape Lounge on Bijou in Colorado Springs!  Experience the high life first hand!  You have everything to gain in doing so!  Love in every corner!  Come on in and feel the good vibrations!  Hope to see you there!  Peace and Love… :)

2508 East Bijou Street Colorado Springs CO 80909

Colorado Springs Cannabis Clubs, proving to work.
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The setting is a beautiful town on the bottom of Pike’s Peak, green pine trees, aspens changing color. Your in Colorado Springs! This great city is know for Garden of the Gods Park, one of the largest city owned parks in the world. You can also take a trip up Pike’s Peak on the cog railway, the 360 degree view is amazing from the top. But be sure to leave the weed at the hotel, some of it is on Federal land.  Shopping in Manitou Springs can get you some very dank buds from Maggie’s Farm, the only retail cannabis store in the El Paso county region.  Then head up the hill a little more to hit one of the hundred’s of places to eat, shop, and play in the main city center.

One thing that makes Colorado Springs stand out more than any other city for the cannabis connoisseur are the three legal operating cannabis clubs. Denver won’t allow these type of places to open citing public consumption laws. Every club that has opened in the city of Denver has be shut down by Denver PD, but Colorado Springs obviously has a different view. “These private members clubs let people have a place to meet, talk, and smoke cannabis responsibly,” said a patron of the club. “I feel they help STOP public consumption of pot by giving you a venue to indulge.  I don’t get Denver city’s point of view, but hey I live here, so I am good.”

The Speak Easy Cannabis Club is one such place that has operated for more then a year without any issues. Located on Bijou St. in the heart of the city, this place is great for the cannabis indulging traveler. They have snacks, non alcohol refreshments, pool, darts, enjoy the game on the many big screens or you can just kick back, smoke Colorado Springs cannabis clubs and converse with others.They have house water pipes and tools to use for the traveler. DJ Chris Diablo, one of the best DJ’s in Colorado, can be caught there spinning tunes to please the patrons. Diablo is great for reading a crowd and mixing some sick, wonderful music to make everyone happy. Jaymen Johnson, the owner of Speak Easy, is a major entity in the Colorado cannabis realm. His club has hosted many events dedicated to helping further bring the cannabis revolution to a positive light. Johnson has hosted fund raisers, local talent showcases, smoke out events and parties that would rival any New York or LA event. He is one of the leaders in educating and helping cannabis entrepreneurs with free advise and wisdom. The Speak Easy is also known for the famous cannabis smoking group the “Weed Pimps”, as this is their regular hang out. So be ready to be “dabbed the f*** out” when they are in the house!