Vallikat Sai Krishna, 

       Masters from Halmstad University,Sweden

       Email-  speak2sainow@gmail.com
         Contact: +46 767 526 808

Myself Sai Krishna Vallikat, born on 29th Sep, 1992. Vijayawada, India. I am passionate towards electronics and I am much interested to work in the technical environments. I started my technical academic education (Bachelor's Degree) at “NRI Institute of Technology”  under Electronics and Telecommunications Department.Finally after completions of my bachelor's I am not satisfied with the knowledge what I have so, then I started my Master’s Degree from Halmstad University, Sweden. Due to my interest in electronics I started my specialization in Embedded Systems (Mechatronic Systems).

When I was pursuing my engineering I started interest in working with electronic components and made few basic circuits using the basics of electronics by joining together on a breadboard, later soon then I learned soldering. My first circuit in my B. Tech is an "Automatic Emergency Light with a backup battery". I attended my 1st Robotic competition and succeeded in two technical events. And this success stood throughout my bachelor’s period. I had attended many technical expos (of about 60+ achievements at National Level Competition) and presented many presentations by taking the lead. Worked alone in for executing the projects with some professor’s support and succeeded in my career. Some of the pictures and my memories I had shared through this page.

There are few in my life who supported me, My Father who helped to transform my ideas into real application, who thought me how to face a practical world, who encouraged me in my losing who felt happy for my winnings. He is the one who supported always in adjusting financial to invest on the projects who gave a metal support to do everything. 

RESEARCH:  Carried out a job oriented professional training at Orange Research Labs (ORL) supervised by Dr.Madhusudhana Rao for about an one year three months of period. Research Involved in various projects under embedding techniques. The design includes hardware and also developing solid embedded code for the project.