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The New SPDTool Range Rod is another innovative Portable Tool for range use

Has #8-32 threads for use with standard cleaning brushes and accessories

It can be used to remove barrel obstructions in auto pistols and revolvers (9mm and up)

Has a handy fractional inch scale for measuring target groups, or depths of obstructions in barrel

Includes Removable Magnetic Parts Retriever Tip and Keyring

Portable pocket size (.338 Diameter x 5" Long)
Made of durable Aerospace grade 6061 Aluminum that will not harm barrels
Mil-8625-F - Type II, Class II Color Anodized in 7 different colors
Made entirely in the USA

The Range Rod can be custom engraved and color anodized for organizations and dealers for re-sale.


Competition Sight for Sig 320

The Grayguns/SPDTool Sig 320 Competition sight is a collaboration between SPDTool and Master Gunsmith Roy Nelson from Grayguns.
This sight is specifically designed to be used for competition where there needs to be a balance between precision, fast acquisition, and durability. 

Made from 1018 steel and heat treated.
Overall height (from bottom of dovetail) - .275"
Notch width - .125"
Notch depth - .115"
Other notch dimensions will be available.

Available exclusively from GRAYGUNS

The SPDTool Model R Smith & Wesson Revolver Tool 
Manufactured by Samson Manufacturing

The SPDTool Model R manufactured by Samson Manufacturing is a pocket sized field armorers toolkit.  
It contains all the necessary tools to disassemble your model K, L, or N pistol

  • Weighs in at just 2 Oz.
  • 3" overall length
  • 2 appropriately sized screwdrivers
  • Compatible with Smith & Wesson model  K, L, and N revolvers
  • Rebound spring removal
  • Extraction rod removal
  • (1) Screwdriver for side-plate removal
  • (1) Screwdriver for the hammer spring, adjustable sight, and the cylinder latch 

THE SPDTool Model S is featured in the NEW SIG Sauer Armorer's Video from 
Operation Specific Training featuring gunsmith and competitor BRUCE GRAY

This Video is available directly from:

The SPDTool Model S is a Pocket-sized field disassembly tool for many models of Sig SauerTM Pistols.
The SPDTool Model S  
can be used to perform many of the operations required to disassemble the frame of the P220, P225,  P226, P228, P229, P239*, and P245 DA and SA pistols. 
  • Removal of slotted grip screws (bit is replaceable with any standard 1/4" hex-drive bit)
  • Magazine catch and support plate removal and installation
  • Mainspring removal (old style and 2-piece assemblies)
  • Magazine disassembly (10 round and 15 round)
  • Removal and installation alignment of pivot pins
  • Removal and installation of springs

(Photos courtesy of Oleg Volk - http://olegvolk.net )

The SPDTool Model S has a Patent Pending. It is made in the USA and assembled by hand to ensure the highest quality.

SPDTool Demonstration Video

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* Not all of the functionality of this tool works on the P239 and P230 pistols due to design changes on the magazine catch and mainspring of those models.

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