A socio cultural organisation,Affiliated to the Indian Cultural Centre, (Under the aegis of Embassy of India), PO Box 15204, Doha, Qatar

Email: samanvayam@gmail.com

Samanvayam is an organization of Indian expatriates in Qatar affiliated to the Indian Cultural Center. Samanvayam has from its very inception been in the forefront  propagating science and technology among children of Indian schools in Qatar. Samanvayam has maintained an excellent track record of organising  the following


  • Inter school Essay, Quiz, Debate and Painting  Competition all related to science and technology
  • Science exhibition for school students
  • Workshop on mathematics
  • Event conducted to high light India’s scientific achievements/ India’s contribution to science and technology from ancient times to the present
  • Seminar conducted to highlight India’s vision 2020 in terms of science and technology
  • Brining in to Qatar eminent scientists like Dr. Vijay Bhatkar to address the students of the Indian schools here
  • Sastra Pratibha Contest 2008
The Sastra Pratibha contest, a science aptitude test for students of Indian schools in Qatar organized by Samanvayam in 2008 received good participation from students of Indian Schools here with close to 700 students  appearing for the test. That year 15 children were conferred with the title of “Sastra Pratibha” and another 26 children were selected for their outstanding performance.

Objectives of ‘Sastra Pratibha Contest’ are:

·     To create general awareness among students and public-at-large of our great achievements in  the fields of  science  and  technology.

·    To instill interest and to kindle inquisitive spirit among the younger generation about the  possibilities and career in the fields of science and technology.

·    To inspire the youth to contribute towards science and technology.