University Squads
To be part of the University squads and to row in the boat races against Cambridge requires a great deal of dedication and training. It is a very competitive and challenging program and we are proud that SPCBC has a strong tradition of its rowers participating in the university squads and Blue Boats.

In 2014, there were three members of St Peter's who rowed for Oxford: Ollie Bristowe, who rowed with OUBC for two seasons; Hannah Ledbury, who was a member of the winning Osiris crew in 2013 and 2014, and finally Karl Hudspith, who rowed in the boat race an incredible four times, including three victories.
Year Name Squad Position
Karl Hudspith OUBC Three 

Hannah Lebbury Osiris (OUWBC) Two 

Karl HudspithOUBCSix 

Hannah Ledbury Osiris (OUWBC)Three
2012 Karl Hudspith OUBC President / Five
2011 Karl Hudspith OUBC
2011 Rebecca Howett Osiris (OUWBC) Five
2009 Claire Galloway OUWBC
2008 Claire Galloway OUWBC Three
2008 Becky Donaldson OUWLRC Cox
2008 Sarah Cornick OUWLRC Five

Melissa ClarkeOsiris (OUWBC)Seven
2007 Sarah Cornick OUWLRC Seven
2006 Sarah Cornick OUWLRC Six
2005 Sarah Cornick OUWBC Two
2005 Mike Blomquist OUBC Six
2005 Rosalind Morgan OUWLRC Bow
Justin Gill

1997 Charles Perkins OULRC Six
1995 Jorn Inge Throndsen OUBC Stroke
1995 Ruth Shanahan OUWLRC Seven
1994 Katrina Lythgoe OUWLRC Seven
1993 Ian Gardiner OUBC Stroke
1992 Ian Gardiner OUBC Stroke

Janet Dugdale OUWLRC Stroke
1976 A D EdwardsOUBCThree


D R D WillisOUBCThree
1971D R D Willis

1964D W A CoxOUBC Six
OUBC: Oxford University Boat Club (i.e. The Boat Race Crew)
OUWBC: Oxford University Women's Boat Club
OULRC: Oxford University Lightweight Rowing Club
OUWLRC: Oxford University Women's Lightweight Rowing Club








Interested in trialling for University squads? The club is extremely supportive! Check out the websites on the Links page and speak to your Captains about the opportunities to trial.

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