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1949 - 50

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M1D. H. DuffL. T. C. Booth-ClubbornE. D. GordonR. E. FerrisE. P. V. JarvisI. S. TaylorJ. H. BatchelorJ. P. DizerG. G. Gibbens


CrewDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4 Day 5 Day 6Result
First Torpid
5th in Div 2
bumped Wadhambumped
bumped Mertonbumped St John's, bumped Oriel
(up into Div I)
rowed overbumped Brasenoseup 6, 11th in Div I
Second Torpid
1st in Div 4
bumped St John's IIbumped 
Oriel II
bumped St John's IIbumped Oriel II (again after their over bump)bumped Christ  Church IIbumped Pembroke IIBLADES, up 6, 6th in Div III

CrewDay 1Day 2Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6Result
First Eight
8th in Div 2
rowed overbumped Tedy Hall IIrowed overbumped New College IIbumped Wadhambumped Queen'sUp 4, 4th in Div 2
Second Eight
4th in Div 4
bumped Balliol IIbumped New College IIIbumped Magdalen IIIbumped Lincoln II, back into Div IIIbumped Keble IIbumped University College IIUp 6, BLADES, 10th in Div 3
Third Eight
5th in Div 6

rowed overbumped by Merton IIIbumped by Corpus IIrowed overbumped Queens IIIbumped Keble IVstayed leveled, 5th in Div 6
Fourth Eight
11th Div VII
(first Fourth Eight for Peter's)
bumped by St Catherine's IVrowed overrowed overrowed overrowed overbumped Corpus IIIstayed leveled, 11th in the last Division, Div 2