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  • New site! As google sites is very cluncky and with the announcement of Battlelance, I've created a new site: there to follow all the news on my games :)
    Posted May 1, 2013, 10:17 AM by Michel Obbink
  • New game in development So I've been working the last few days to get a new game on the road. It's something me and some friends have been talking about regularly. It will become a turn based tactics game like Spaxe Hilk, but with a few differences:Fantasy style, lightly based on Dragonlance series ( more 1 tile move at the time, spend all your AP as you wish (still looking at what might be a good system)Wizard battles, with different types of wizards (perhaps other classes and self made characters later on)Cover system, hide behind cover, blow up the cover of your enemiesFog of war and line of sightSpells: From healing ...
    Posted Mar 31, 2013, 7:02 AM by Michel Obbink
  • Spaxe Hilk 0.12 No big changes, I'm already glad I got it back to work :) Here's the changelog:Version 0.12 Redid lots of the interior works, might have introduced some bugs... Fixed bug on Linux where sergeants wouldn't be animated Fixed bug when loading maps And probably fixed some other bugs in the meanwhile ;) Marines are now able to close Alien start positions Started work on objectives screen (not enabled yet) Started work on end game screen (not enabled yet either)It's downloadable from the Sourceforge as usual
    Posted Mar 25, 2013, 11:20 AM by Michel Obbink
  • Linux support & new features Spaxe Hilk in Linux! I know it should work, but I finally gotten around to test it. There's still a bug in 0.11 though, Sergeants won't be animated as Linux seems to be a bit more case sensitive then Windows (so it can't find the movement/punching animations and plays the default animation as fail save).  A new thing I've been working on is closing Alien startpoints as a new tactive for marines, if they dare to get close enough....See the screenshot below. Don't mind the weird bar in the top, that's something new I'm working on to display current objectives and to keep track of how far you are, obviously ...
    Posted Dec 9, 2012, 10:50 AM by Michel Obbink
  • Getting everything back to work Damn my stubbornness not to use SVN any sooner, now I have to debug old code again to see why basic stuff isn't happening. I've probably introduces a few bugs lately, and now paying the price for not using source control :P  Besides that there's not happening much yet, once I get everything back in order I'm continuing with the points from the list in my previous update. I've also got a dual-boot with ubuntu 12.10 now, so I should be able to finally test if the game works on Linux at all. It should though.... 
    Posted Dec 8, 2012, 7:46 AM by Michel Obbink
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