I am an Associate Research Scientist at NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Princeton University and NOAA/Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory) in Princeton, NJ, USA  

I am generally interested in climate dynamics, monsoons and hydroclimate change. 

Before coming to Princeton, I was a NOAA C&GC
 postdoctoral fellow  at the California Institute of Technology in  Pasadena, California (2015-2016) and at the  Meteorological Institut, University of Hamburg  (2011-2014).

In 2011 I completed my PhD in Meteorology from the University of Reading, UK, where I studied the entropy budget of the climate system  and the Maximum Entropy Production conjecture through GCMs and idealized models (thesis.pdf), supervised by  Jonathan Gregory and co-supervised by Maarten Ambaum and Remi Tailleux. 

obtained a B.Sc. in Physics in 2004 and a M.Sc. in Theoretical Physics in 2007 at the University of Naples "Federico II", Department of Physics

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