$115 Total Class Cost:

 Includes Class, Ammo, 9mm Handgun Use, and Range Time!

"Don't Be Afraid"

At Spartan Tactical Security we offer the firearms training and certification that you need to receive your Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL) also known as your CCW.

The best way to win any conflict is to be prepare. No reasonable law abiding citizen seeks out criminals in order to engage them in a potentially deadly conflict, however the reverse is happening at alarming rates. Due to the declining economy crime is up, especially robberies and home invasions. It is perfectly acceptable and quite frankly it's reasonable to be prepared to defend yourself, your family and your home. At Spartan Tactical Security our focus is education, preparation and protection. We educate you on Michigan State Law, prepare you on how to assess danger levels and give you the skills to protect yourself in any situation. DON'T BE AFRAID! WHEN YOUR LIFE IS ON THE LINE ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTE. TRAIN LIKE A SPARTAN!

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to walk outside and know to check your surrounding for threats and if one arises, you know how to defend yourself in that situation. It's of the utmost importance to be properly educated on the laws of the land. This could be the difference in returning home after a incident or spending time in jail. We give you the knowledge to protect yourself while also staying within Michigan Laws.

Last but certainly not least we will train you on gun safety and efficiency. Having your license to carry and owning a gun does not become an asset unless you have proper training to partner with them. In our class, students will be coached one-on-one by an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor on shooting techniques and effectiveness, thus adding to your ability to survive a shooting encounter.

Details on our CPL/CCW class on our Services page!

We cover all of Southeastern Michigan, including:




Oak Park



Ann Arbor



And all other cities in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, and Washtenaw Counties.

CPL (CCW) Classes $115 which includes 9mm handgun use, ammo, and range fee. Use of a Glock 9mm handgun is included by Spartan for use at the range.

Group discounts available for groups of 5 or more, call for more details.

Call for more information!


NRA Certified Firearm Instructors:

Cheo 248-266-1224 and DaVonne 248-906-8679


That includes the class, ammo, 9mm handgun use, and range time!