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Who Am I?            By: Utsav Subramani

I am a person who aspires to be a great role model to others

I am a leader and a peacekeeper

I am an innovator and questioner

I am a truth seeker and an inventor

I am a proud student of my school

I am always willing to learn

I am humble

I am an avid tennis and soccer player

I am a dreamer and a goal setter

I am determined

I am intelligent

I am fortunate to have the life that I have

I am the voice for people who lack one

I am reliable and trustworthy

I am a hard-worker

I am always trying to be the guy behind the scenes who doesn’t always get a lot of praise, but loves what he does

I am a caring person

I am a big competitor in sports

I am a person who finds the correct balance of pessimism and optimism

I am a social and very outgoing person

I am always willing to lend a hand as “there is no greater purpose in life then to serve your fellow man” (Dr. Martin Luther King Sr.)

I am understanding

I am a fierce fighter when faced with adversity and always bounce back

I am an outdoor person

I am proud to say that my family is from Chennai, India, a developing land of peace, prosperity, and filled with hope for the future

I am always looking to give back to my community

I am a dog person

I am a big believer in family, the fact that “great minds don’t think alike,” and that “everyone is smart is some way, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it'll spend it's whole life believing that it’s stupid.” (From the book: Fish in a Tree)

I am a person who loves quotes

I am a movie person

I am unique and special but most importantly….


Published on 11/15/17

Underground Broccoli

Dig, dig, dig

Broccoli is not made of pig

Broccoli should not be down there

Can you not breathe? Should broccoli have hair?

I once ate a potato from space

He was pretty stupid, I laughed right in his face

No one likes broccoli, the hatred isn’t mild

I am now going to try to force feed you to my child

-B. E. Dragunoff

Published on 11/15/17


By Lauren Peronace

I am invisible.

I am there, but you don’t see me.

I walk, I talk, I breathe.


Published on 11/13/17


By Lauren Peronace

I think about you and me

I think of how it used to be

I think about the time that’s passed

I think of how I thought it could last

And in the silence I sit and think

Paralyzed, can’t even blink

And as a tear drops from my eye,

You ask: “What’s wrong?” I say “I’m fine”

But I’m really not, for behind the smile,

I’m only dreaming

In the quiet

Published on 11/13/17

I Listen

By Lauren Peronace

I hide

In the shadows

I fly

Under the radar

I don’t

Speak up or speak my mind

I watch

Anything and everything

I listen

And try not to be heard

Published on 11/13/17

I Understand

By Lauren Peronace

“I understand,” they say

“I’ve been through the everything you have”

“Through troubles and hardship and laughter and tears”

“And heartbreak and hope and worries and fears”

“I don’t understand,” they say

“How to do math and read and write”

“I think that the answer’s too far out of sight”

“I understand,” I say

I haven’t been through everything

And I’m still learning,

I’m still trying, but today,

I understand.

Published on 11/13/17

What Happened

By Lauren Peronace

We spent the summer having fun

Spending time under the sun.

Thought we’d never be apart.

So what happened?

Get to school,

Pencils and pens,

Brand new teachers,

Brand new friends.

Seemed that we’d been torn apart.

What happened?

And on the day we reunite,

You’ve moved on,

I stay out of sight

We’d been torn too far apart.

Is that what happened?

Can barely stand to look at you.

So I’ll try to start anew.

Sad that we’d been torn apart.

All I ask is,

What happens now?

Published on 11/13/17


By Lauren Peronace

I am new

Version 2.0

Can’t be the old me anymore.

Must reboot.

Transmission failure

New version not installed


I must be new

Not who I was

Can’t be the old model

Must reboot

Reboot failed





Published on 11/13/17


By Lauren Peronace   

Ok, there they are.

You can do it.




Now continue.

You don’t want to?

Don’t you want friends?


“Um, I’m Lauren.”


Now keep going.

You’re almost there.


“I…. um…”

Come on!


You can do it!


“Gotta go.”


You failed!

You’re done!

That’s it!

I give up!

Never speak again!

Published on 11/13/17

The Second Time

By Lauren Peronace

I thought it would be easier,

I thought it wouldn’t be strange.

I thought I wouldn’t play by the rules of my own game.

Now if I wanted second chances,

Too late now, I’m in too deep.

This one second time,

Could be the one to make me weep.

Published on 11/13/17

How to Remember

I pick a quiet spot, somewhere in the shade

I think as far back as my thoughts can think

A single tear rolls down my cheek, longing to be realized

I cannot become the person you thought I would become

I can’t become the person that’s here.

I can’t remember who I was before.

Published on 11/13/17


By Lily Date

I am a butterfly,

Over the groves I glide.

Making kids happy,

Like the 4th of July.

I am a butterfly

Over the sea I slip.

Watching boats bobbing along

Like miniature ships.

I am a butterfly,

Over the hills I hover.

When people try to catch me,

I will go under cover.

I am a butterfly,

Over the trees I tremer

Even though I am tiny

I am a thing to remember

Published on 10/11/17

Sky Swans

By Lily Date

Puffy, fluffy

Low and high

Swooping and looping

Like swans in the sky

Published on 10/11/17

A poem is…

A poem is a song

That doesn't need a tune

But it's still written in verses

Underneath the moon

A poem is a story

Sometimes with no plot

You don't need a cover

You don't need a name

All you need is a thought.

∼Lily Date

Published on 10/11/17


By Lily Date

The leaves crunch

Under my new fall boots

Red, orange, gold

The cool breeze blows

Against my shivering self

Bundled in a warm coat

The geese honk

As they fly south

In a perfect “V” formation

I sip

My warm hot chocolate

Watching the steam from my mouth float into the autumn air

And summer leaves

Followed by fall

The best season of all!

Published on 10/11/17

Thorns of love

By: Tamara Barkasy

I hate that to you

I am nothing.

I hate how you have

Me still trusting.

I hate the way you

Mock my personality.

I hate the way you

Take away my sanity.

I hate that you put

Me on the sideline.

I hate that you always

Think that I am fine.

I hate that you don’t

Listen when I speak.

I hate that you assume

I am strong when I am weak.

I hate that you show me

Many mixed signals,

I hate how you act as if

You are a riddle.

I hate that you’re embarrassed

To be seen with me.

I hate that when I locked my heart

I gave you the key.

I hate that the moment

You decide to walk away,

Is the moment I needed you the most;

The moment I needed you to stay.

I hate that I fell in love again,

And you were the one to have me fall.

The truth is I don’t hate you,

Not even for a second, not even at all.

Published 5/10/17

Who Am I?

By: Abby Roth

Who am I?

What do I believe?

Am I a good person,

Or have I committed sins of greed?

What have I done

Since I was just a child?

Have I been responsible

Or let my mind run wild?

WHo have I hurt?

Who have I helped?

Did I try to make things right

Or did I leave you on a shelf?

Who am I?

I truly would like to know.

For if I don’t know where I came from,

Where in the world can I go?

Published 5/10/17

What She Was

By: Abby Roth

She was the rain in the summer

and the snow in the winter,

but she never settled down.

She was the soaked up puddle

and the warmed away fluff

that came and left every little town.

She could stay for a few days,

depending on her mood, but she

would always rise from the ground.

She stays in her cycle for now,

but she always knew the moon and stars

were where she was bound.

Published 5/10/17

Who I Am

By: Abby Roth

I’m the friend that doesn’t cry

Until I’m all alone.

I’m the weirdo who stares out

Into space in my own zone.

I’m the sister of three people

Who don’t know who I am.

I’m a girl who is too afraid

To hold a boy’s hand.

I’m a child that tries hard

To be responsible.

I’m a student who wants to make

My impression memorable.

I’m basically a sister to someone who

Actually loves me.

I’m unknown to millions of people,

But I’m who I want to be.

Published 5/10/17


By: Abby Roth

I love you, you know that,

Please say you do too.

Even if you don’t mean it,

At least act like you do.

You love her, I know that,

But never in front of me.

How can you turn that love

On and off so easily?

I know we are too young

To love the “right way,”

But why is there a lie

In every sentence you say?

What we have right now

Can not be true love,

We are more like a crow

Instead of a dove.

We are pure black instead of

What we wanted to be,

But there isn’t really an us,

Because you chose her over me.

And I could be mean

And hateful like a crow,

But then how would my heart

Move on and learn to let go?

So I am not angry

At the choice you made,

Just dissapointed that you

Were with her yet stayed.

Why would you pretend

To love me when you don’t?

Why would you be with me

When in the end you won’t?

Please finalize your decision,

To whom you give your love.

Just know that either way

I will be white as a dove.

Published 5/10/17


By: Abby Roth

Thirteen years old and a broken heart,

thought I had more time before falling apart.

Months ago my heart was fine,

but I guess I got pushed over the line.

I tried and tried to cross back,

but by the time I could, I cracked.

And even though I don’t see you everyday,

I know I can’t go astray.

Because I know the way I feel,

all of the emotions are real.

So don’t be afraid of me leaving you,

if anything, we will meet again soon.

Published 5/10/17

On My Own

By: Abby Roth

He didn’t try

He made me cry

I asked why

But he was gone.

I asked him to stay

He said he wouldn’t pay

he just walked away

He snapped the bond.

Flying across the country,

He laughed like it was funny,

Laughed like it was funny,

But I’m not laughing now.

I am where I am today

Because he went another way.

I’m proud of the new me,

Proves we were never meant to be.

I’m fine here on my own,

I’ve turned back from stone.

Don’t need your hand to hold

I’m fine on my own.

Published 5/10/17


By: Abby Roth and Emma Blake

If you hadn’t yelled,

If you hadn’t turned away,

If I had spoken up,

You would still be here.

If you listened to me,

If I told you I loved you,

If you hadn’t left,

My eyes wouldn’t be full of tears.

If I hadn’t yelled,

If I’d listened to you

If you had spoken up,

There might be an us still.  

If I could apologize,

If you could forgive me,

You might come back,

Just maybe you will. . . . . .

Published 4/5/17

I don't Know

By: Abby Roth

I don’t know what to say, you would only walk away.

I don’t know what to do, I won’t admit the problem is you.

I don’t know how to move on, my heart and soul are gone.

you didn’t even think about turning back, you left me just like that.

I know I can’t change who you are, you'll always be at that bar.

always on the next beer, that’s the reason you're not here.

someday you'll switch to wine, long after I realize the signs.

and still then I will love, I will never be the one to give up.

Published 4/5/17


By: Abby Roth

Why am I still here?

I knew I should’ve gone.

Why did I stay?

I could have moved on.

I could have been

Everything I wanted to,

But instead, I chose

To stay here with you.

And I don’t know

Why I chose to stay,

Because in the end,

You would only run away.

Run away from me,

And from her, too.

I’m not the only one

You turned blue.

But I am the only one

Who could choose,

I could have lit and

Blown up the fuse.

Everyone else was

Here by design,

The only choice

Made was mine.

Published 3/29/17


By: Abby Roth

You walked through the hallway every day,

And even though you had nothing to say,

It was wonderful and perfect

Until the day your heart was wrecked.

Let’s go back a month or two,

When she was happy to walk with you,

When the butterflies were flying happily as they do.

But here we are again,

Because every now and then

She would leave you alone, to walk on your own,

And before long, she never showed.

She left you for a new crush,

Who was better at making her blush.

He took your place in her heart

And tore yours apart.

Everything you had with her before

Was, because of him, not there anymore.

And as you looked at him, despite all your tries,

You turned around, walked off, and left your butterflies.

Published 3/29/17


By: Abby Roth

Love me or hate me,

make up your mind.

Stop putting my

heart out on the line.

I wish you wouldn’t text

me three months later

and pretend our relationship

isn’t dug in like a crater.

The only difference is

we aren’t on the moon.

I really did wish I saw

you after that June.

But I had to leave and

you didn’t say a word.

We aren’t fixing this,

I’m not being heard.

There was a saying, “I love

you to the moon and back.”

But you never said that,

you never cracked.

I know it’s hard to act

Like I’m not gone,

But I’m still in your hands,

I’m still our pawn.

Published 3/1/17


By: Abby Roth

I’m jealous of their skin,

their smile and their hair.

I wish I could lift my chin

and never be scared.

I wish I didn’t trip

over my own shoes.

I wish I had a relationship

that I could never lose.

I wish you were still here,

I wish you were with me.

I wish I could get rid of my fear,

but you’re the only key.

I wish I could trust

and fill my soul.

I know that I must,

but I can’t fix the hole.

Published 3/1/17


By: Abby Roth

I don’t need a cheerleader,

I need a quarterback.

I don’t need the pom-poms,

I need my life to slack.

I need him to

Take the ball,

I need him to

Do it all.

Because right now,

All I can do is pass

And hope I don’t

Fall on the grass.

I can’t hold them off,

I can’t be your defense,

My mind is too busy and

my muscles are too tense.

Neither can I give you

A positive outcome.

They’ll run me over then

Keep going while I’m numb.

You ran in for the touchdown,

I hope you have a knack

For being there for the team,

For being the quarterback.

Published 3/1/17

I Am From...    

                I am from an infinite number of things

                                               I am from a developing land of spirit, hope, and prosperity

                                               I live in the home of the free and the land of the brave

                                               I am from my forever growing imagination

                I am from the loud, bee-like “BUZZ!” of the strings on my tennis racquet when        

                            they come in contact with the slender, curved, and green mass of a tennis ball

                                           I am from the spicy and savory smell of cooked Dosa on Diwali night

                                              I am from the loud “POP!” of firecrackers and fireworks

                                              I am from the passing of my grandma and grandpa within 4 months

                                              I am from the endurers

                                              I am from the intelligent students and the hard workers

                                              I am from the athletes and the innovators

                                              I am from the silly and the humorous

                                              I am from the technology fanatics

                                              I am from the adventure seekers

                                              I am from biting my fingernails until they’re all gone

                                              I am from achieving seemingly unachievable goals

                                              I am from the questioners and the truth seekers

                                              I am from the peacekeepers

                             I am from the rustle of the soccer ball when it hits the netting of the goal

                                              I am from overcoming the tricky trials and tribulations of life

                                              I am from never giving up

                                             I am from the belief that anything is possible if you put your mind to it

                                              I am from greeting my dogs when I come home from school

                                              I am from saying goodbye to them every time I go to school

                                              I am from saying goodbye to my brother before he left for college

                                              I am from a developing confidence

                                              I am from teamwork and kindness

                       I am from my Conscience who always gives me a shoulder to cry on

                                              I am from family

                                              I am from keeping old friends and making new ones

                                              Who am I?

                                            I am who I choose to be

Published 3/1/17


By: Tamara Barkasy and Abby Roth

I was so close I felt you

Breathe on my skin,

And I wanted so badly

To ask where you’ve been.

You spread all those rumors

And told so many lies.

I hated you,

But you were surprised

That I felt this way,

That I turned away,

Like you thought

You saved the day.

Now I can’t look you

Straight in the eye,

Without begging

Myself not to cry.

You knew that long ago

You had lied,

But you never knew

How my heart died.

Why’d you do it,

To fit with the crowd?

To be seen as high,

To make them proud?

You call me out,

Say that I’m bitter.

Little do you know,

You’re my killer.

I want to forgive you,

I really would like to,

But everytime I see your face,

It’s something I can’t do.

I don’t understand why

You started all the gossip,

Or why you made

This friendship toxic.

Published 2/22/17

Abby Roth

The way you look at her

Makes me infer

That you think she’s the one

And the war has begun.

But you’ll choose her anyway,

Because you don’t care what I say.

Don’t care what comes off my tongue,

In your heart, she’s already won.

You hurt me before I give myself pain,

I’m just a monster you’ve slain.

It doesn’t matter if I have fire that burns,

All I can think of is your words.

And I realize with my dying breath

That down in the depths

there’s no getting over you,

The only way out is through.

Published 2/22/17

Abby Roth

I’m so happy for you

And how far you’ve come.

I’m happy you found out

Where you’re from.

I’m happy she makes

You feel complete,

And I’m happy she makes

Your life a treat.

I’m happy that you are,

That’s what I wanted.

But now that it’s been a year,

My heart is knotted.

Don’t take this the wrong way,

But I don’t know how I feel.

I just can’t process this,

It doesn’t seem real.

But neither do you,

After all, I can’t remember

Your face or voice,

I lost that treasure.

I do remember

The way you laugh,

For a year,

I always have.

But I don’t want to remember

That one little thing.

You see, every time

My phone rings

I hope that it’s you

Saying, “come back.”

To let me know more

Than just your laugh.

Published 2/22/17

Abby Roth

I’m not a Jack-In-The-Box,

I won’t spring out for you;

I’m not a stupid thing you

play with when you’re two.

I’m not a Barbie doll,

you can’t dress me up.

Beauty on the outside doesn’t

mean the inside isn’t tough.

I’m not a little boy’s truck,

you can’t show me off.

Don’ even try to impress me,

I can barely manage a scoff.

Know that you aren’t a

little innocent boy,

And know I will not be

one of your stupid toys.

Published 2/15/17

Abby Roth

I can’t do this again,

I can’t go down this road.

Remember last time?

You called then never showed.

Remember when you said

We would restart?

All you did was

Break my heart.

Remember when you

Chose her over me?

When you left to

Bow at her feet?

Remember what you’ve done

And remember what I’ve been through.

Know that it’s

All because of you.

Remember she makes you happy,

Remember you made me sad.

Know you were the

First love I never had.

Remember that you’re hers,

Remember that I’m gone.

Remember, remember,

And move on.

Remember, we lost

Our connection

Right when you gave her

Your affection.

Remember, we didn’t

Talk for months.

You don’t come back from that

with, “hey, what’s up?”

Remember you said

We could restart again.

Well, you’re a liar,

Now and then.

Remember what you’ve done

And remember what I’ve been through.

Know that it’s

All because of you.

Remember she makes you happy,

Remember you made me sad.

Know you were the

First love I never had.

Remember that you’re hers,

Remember that I’m gone.

Remember, remember,

And move on.

Remember, I stopped

Replying for a reason,

You stayed with her

And committed treason.

Remember, she’s your

One and only,

While I’m supposed

To be lonely.

Remember that it’s

You who broke us

By misusing

My trust.

Remember what you’ve done

And remember what I’ve been through.

Know that it’s

All because of you.

Remember she makes you happy,

Remember you made me sad.

Know you were the

First love I never had.

Remember that you’re hers,

Remember that I’m gone.

Remember, remember,

And move on.

Remember that you’re hers,

Remember that I’m gone.

Remember, remember,

And move on.


Published 2/6/17

Abby Roth

Save me from the blackness,

save me from my soul.

I can’t take this any longer,

the world has taken its toll.

I really wish someone would save me,

would heal my broken heart,

but only the ignorant ones help me,

the ones who stay away are smart.

And no one is here for long,

they all go away.

They all live

to see another day.

Why can’t I be like everybody else?

Why do I have to be so different?

I’m not a geek and

I don’t have weird interests.

I guess it’s the fact that

I’m not really whole;

So many people have

a part of my soul.

And they play with it,

each and every day,

They twist and rip and fold it,

then put it on display.

I don’t know why they even came to me,

now I just feel alone.

I’ve been hit and crushed and cut,

now you can see to my bones.

They never seem to know

that I cannot be owned,

they all see right through me to my

frail, thin, broken bones.

Sometimes I’m completely invisible,

and they see through all of me.

No one ever realizes that

I can be a masterpiece.

Published 2/6/17


By: Tamara Barkasy

You tell me to be different,

Not to be crazy,

You’ve been treating me

Like nothing lately.

When I get teased

You don’t defend,

When you’re asked,

I’m no friend.

I’m seen as holy

As pure snow,

But when I go to speak

I’m just your shadow.

I can wait for you,

While you have no patience,

After finding out the truth,

You're just an acquaintance.

You never would admit

That I was yours,

Didn’t want anyone to see,

So you closed the doors.

I want to be anything

But your little monster.

Why can’t you just

Call me your daughter?

You just wanted me

To be tough,

But it didn’t matter

If you gave enough.

Once your love

Grows stronger,

Only then will you,

Be called my father.

I’m someone that

You’ve hated,

But couldn’t stand

To be related.

I could hear your

Tough and harsh whispers,

But you wouldn’t dare

Say I’m your sister.

If you don’t care,

Or wouldn’t bother,

Is it true blood is thicker

Than water?

Sometimes I like to think,

And wonder,

What it would be like,

To call you brother.

You went out

And got the ring,

And I took the pledge

To treat you like a king.

I’ve been


To call you anything

But husband.

Now I wish you

Didn’t take the knee,

For we wouldn’t be here,

Hating on me.

Now you want me

Out of your life,

Don’t want me

As your wife.

Why is it so hard

For you to accept to me?

But I guess I’ll just be

Another nobody.

Published on 2/1/17


By: Tamara Barkasy

You say I'm antisocial,

so I make a friend,

you see me have one,

and you want it to end.

You say I'm dumb,

so I try to learn,

you see my books,

and have them burn.

You say I'm mean,

so I restart,

you see me be nice,

and break my heart.

You say I'm ugly,

so I use makeup,

you see me beautiful,

but it's still not enough.

I can never please you,

you act like I don’t exist,

but you do all the same,

you are a hypocrite.

Published on 2/1/17

Hide and Seek

By: Tamara Barkasy

It was just a game,

that we played when younger,

what if it happened in real life,

we would wonder.

I don't know,

If my message ever sent,

or even know,

where you went.

I would like to know,

why you left,

leaving mom

to be stressed?

Do you know

we want you home?

Or even know,

how much I’ve grown?

Do you know

you’re missed?

Or how I long for

A goodnight kiss?

So I ask,

Why do you hide?

Why are you

so hard to find?

I don’t like these new rules,

Where I seem like a freak.

Oh daddy stop this game

of hide and seek!

Published 2/1/17

Abby Roth

When nothing’s

going right, go left.

It might be kind of

hard I guess.

But no one can

change who you are

If you keep running

for the stars.

Don’t think for a second

There’s only the right way,

Cause left might be a

Bright and sunny day.

Don’t think for a second

That you deserve right,

But don’t think for a second

That you’ll give up the fight.

The truth is you

Deserve what’s best,

And sometimes that’s

Not right; it’s left.

Published 1/27/17

Yesses and No’s

By: Tamara Barkasy and Abby Roth

Yes I’ve been hurt,

Yes it’s been because

Of your harsh words.

Yes I’ve felt pain,

But I ask,

What do you gain?

Yes I’ve been broken

But do I throw a backlash

Or stay unspoken?

Yes I’ve been misused,

Even in my own home,

And yes I’ve been abused.

Yes I’ve thought of suicide

Yes I’ve thought would anyone care

If I died?

Yes I’ve made mistakes

But I always apologize,

And everyone breaks

No, I’ve never been perfect

No, I’ve never been like you,

Instead I’m just a reject.

No, I’ve never been truly happy,

But at least I can accept

I’m hurting badly.

No, I’ve never let out any tears

Even though I was told it’s

Better to face my fears.

No, I’ve never said I love you

At least out loud,

But I promise I meant to.

No I’ve never admitted to being vulnerable

But once you see,

It will be memorable.

No, I’ve never been as good as you,

But I have done the

Best I could do.

There will be yesses and no’s

But the best thing you’ll ever learn

Is how to take it in and go.

Published 1/27/17

More Worth

By: Tamara Barkasy and Abby Roth

Have you ever just stopped?

And thought,

Look how far I’ve dropped?

Yet you’re still here,

After all these years,

People still care.

And for once in your life,

You can see the light

And put down the knife.

See that you have worth,

Not just someone to be thrown around;

There’s a reason for your birth.

Finally can see your purpose,

See you’re deeper

Then what’s on the surface.

That others were wrong,

When they said there

Was no reason to move on.

The others were mistaken,

Look at me now,

I’m not breakin’.

We keep going back and forth,

But we need to realize

We all have worth.

So don’t say it’s for the better,

Or tell me it’s for the worse,

Everything happens for a reason,

But nothing has more worth.

Published 1/27/17


By: Tamara Barkasy and Abby Roth

You make up an excuse,

Of why you can’t see me,

But in real life,

You only notice outer beauty.

You make up a lie,

Of why you walk away,

But the truth is,

You don’t know what to say.

You make up a reason

Of why you have to go,

But in reality,

You wanted to say no.

Why do you make

Me feel loved,

When I’m really

Only being judged?

Why do you make

Me feel like a queen,

When in your eyes,

I’m not even seen?

Why do you make

Me feel wanted,

When you leave me

Alone to be haunted?

Why do you make

Me feel at all?

You never text

And never call.

Why do you act,

Like I need to be fixable,

When you and I both know,

To you I’m invisible?

Published 1/27/17

Abby Roth

“You tried to change, didn’t you? Closed your mouth more, tried to be softer, prettier, less volatile, less awake. You can’t make homes out of human beings, someone should have told you that, and if he wants to leave then let him leave. You are terrifying, and strange and beautiful. Something not everyone knows how to love.” -Warsan Shire

People shift,

They don’t change,

We all have a

Certain range

Of faked


Only so much

Room to breathe.

She tried to

Make more space,

Tried to add

A new face

For him so

He was happy,

So he wouldn’t

Be as snappy.

But she couldn’t

Hide his anger,

And her changing

Made him stranger.

He got worse

Than before,

He yelled and

Hit and swore

And the light

Behind her eyes

Could no

Longer shine.

She tried to

Be his home,

But his heart

Was stone,

And she couldn’t

Live like that,

Couldn’t put up

With his crap,

The line

Was drawn,

And then she

Was gone.

Published 1/27/17

Not My Home

By: Tamara Barkasy and Abby Roth

Everyone says they want to go home,

Everyone says it’s where they want to be,

But the way I was grown,

No one cared about me.

Everyone says they want out of school,

Everyone says they have the best family,

But I live with a strict rule,

I have to live in agony.

Everyone says they feel loved,

Everyone says they belong,

But I am pushed and shoved,

And just feel wrong.

Everyone says they love their dad,

Everyone says they love their mom,

But that’s something I never had,

My family’s a ticking bomb.

Everyone says they can’t wait to get married,

Everyone says they want to walk the aisle.

All I want is to be free,

At least for a little while.

Everyone says their family fantasy,

Everyone says a little lie.

For everyone wants to escape reality,

And hide their cry.

Everyone says their opinion,

Everyone uses their voice,

Just to feel like a million,

But I don’t have a choice.

Everyone else in the world,

Knows what they want to do.

But my head’s in a whirl,

And I don’t have a clue.

Everyone needs to know,

Not everything goes their way,

They must learn to grow,

And watch every word they say.

Because we all have scars,

Even if they don’t show.

We’re all fighting wars,

As we hit an all time low.

But I will learn to handle

My many years of being tossed.

I’ll shine brighter than a candle,

To cover up what I’ve lost.

Published 1/27/17

Words are everything
Abby Roth

Words are everything.

Words are weapons.

Words break people,

Words aren’t fair,

Words aren’t equal.

Words are powerful,

Words change minds,

Words can fast forward

Or Rewind.

Words are precious,

Words can’t be bought,

Words mustn't be misused,

They must be taught.

Words are freedom,

Words are pain,

Words can cleanse

And words can stain.

Words are given,

Words are taken,

Words are fixed,

And others are breaking.

Words are everlasting,

Words are memories,

Words are forgotten,

Or kept as treasuries.

Words are everything.

Published 1/27/17

Abby Roth

All he does is run.

He ran from his parents

And his siblings,

He ran from school and

He ran from home.

He runs like it doesn’t

Mean a thing,

He runs like it’s the

Only thing he knows.

He doesn’t realize it yet, but he didn’t

Find a new home in me.

He doesn’t really understand that

I’m not what he wants me to be.

He doesn’t know that one day,

He’ll run from me.

He doesn’t know

The cost,

Of me being here,

Or what he’s lost.

He doesn’t know

That in the end,

We can’t be together,

We can’t be friends.

Unlike me, he doesn’t know

That with every hug

I’m slowly becoming

His drug.

But one day, he’ll run from me,

As it was always meant to be.

Published 1/27/17

Thunder and Lightning
Abby Roth

For seven months

you stayed away,

knowing there was

a price to pay

For seven months,

you made a stand,

and wouldn’t even

hold my hand,

For seven months

you showed who you are,

and tried to play

different cards

For those seven months

I pleaded,

but I wasn’t


For those seven months

I asked you,

do you love

me too?

For those seven months

I wondered,

who was lightning

and who was thunder?

Which one were you?
Which one am I?

Which one has to

Say goodbye?

Who was thunder and

who was lightning?

Who was living and

Who was dying?

Published 1/27/17

Abby Roth

I can see her

Through your eyes,

I can feel

Your surprise

When she kissed you,

You kissed her back,

Like you two together

Was a fact…

Not us.

And when you

Sneak home,
I feel it in

My bones.

Because I

Figured it out:

You love

Her now

But you won’t

Tell me we’re done,

Like we can

Go on.

Like you can have

Both of us,

But I

Can’t trust

You or

Anyone now,

We’re going


And there is

No longer an


Published 1/27/17

Abby Roth

Hit me,

I dare you.

Do you really

Want to?

Come on, I

Know you,

And you

Really do.

Grab my


Push harder

Till I choke.

Pin me up

Against the wall,

Like I know

Nothing at all.

Like I don’t know

What you are,

Like I don’t have

All these scars.

Like you saved

Me from my hell,

But you’re the

Reason I fell.

You say you didn’t

Leave and wander,

But you did, and you

Came back a monster.

You pretended to help

And be a star,

But you tore me apart like

The monster you are.

You won’t let me

Leave like you did,

I stay behind and

Just feel useless.

I think the

Real you died,

And out came the

Monster from inside.

I can’t save you

From this beast,

I can’t make you

One whole piece.

Published 1/20/17

A poem about poetry.               



Why is it called a poem?

The world may show him

Why must it rhyme?

To school I show up on time

This poem is quite random

A moist towelette the waiter will hand him

And as this poem comes to a close

It reminds me of my toes

-B. E. Dragunoff  

Poem Part 2

Now why am I making this?

More poems about nothing!

I can’t even take this anymore!

Do people even find this amusing?

Because I do not!

I don’t know why I’m even writing this.

Instead of toes I’m reminded by

I think of my left eye.

  • B. E. Dragunoff

Published on 1/18/17

Play the game
Abby Roth

There will always be

A good in goodbye,

Like there will always be

A sparkle in your eye

Whenever you

Hear my name.

It’s why you

Lost our game.

The game goes

Like this:

We’ll cuddle,

Hug and kiss,

And the first one

To love loses.

The winner is the

One who chooses

If we date

Or not,

If we love

Or not,

If we make it...why not?

Soon your friends

Were with mine,

Which was

Completely fine,

Until one told

The truth.

Then you and

I were through.

She said you

Never loved me,

You just needed

Someone to be

A rock in your

Raging storm.

I loved to,

But be warned…

I will not

Be played,

I won’t be

Thrown away,

So I’m out

The door.

This is the

Final score:

I won’t treat you

Like you did me,

It’s one/zero,

You lost baby.

Published on 1/4/17

Empty Space
Abby Roth

I have a

Broken soul,

It’s no longer


Don’t know how

To fix myself,

How to rearrange

The shelf.

Put everything

In its place,

Fill all the

Empty space.

I need

Something here,

But it won’t


I hope I can

Live like this,

I hope I can

Be fixed.

Published on 1/4/17

Abby Roth


You left me,

Falling onto

My knees.

Left in

The dust,

Not willing

To trust

A single

Other soul,

It’s out of


I can’t get back

On my feet,

This is my


I can’t do

This anymore,

Can’t get off

The floor.

I hope

You’re glad,

Now that my

Life’s gone bad.

Just go ahead,

Go on now, leave.

I’ll fall apart and you

Won’t miss me.

Published on 1/4/17

I Wish
Abby Roth

I wish I could show you

Who I really am inside,

But you would never again

Look at me with pride.

I wish I could tell

You what I really feel,

But you’d say, “No way,

None of that is real.”

I wish I could say

What I really want to,

But I’m afraid of

What you would do.

I wish we had a

Better relationship,

But you’d just tell me

To get a grip.

You’d say, “Remember kid,

This is reality.

Listen; grow up,

This isn’t fantasy.”

Published on 1/4/17

Abby Roth

I’ve tried really hard to

Describe what you are to me,

But there’s just so

Many things you can be.

You can be my guardian,

Protect me from the bad;

You can be annoying

And the reason that I’m mad.

I don’t know what you are

To me, you’re everything, really.

It’s kind of like you’ve

Got me on a string.

You don’t let me out of sight,

You’ll need me the next day,

But you won’t hold me

Close; I can’t run away.

I know you’ll still be there

For when I need you,

But it’s sad that you don’t

Depend on me, too.

Published on 1/4/17

Abby Roth

You were

My home,

But you left

Me alone.

Yes, I was

Your home,

But then you told

Me I should go.

You were all

I needed,

Now I feel


You were all I

Needed as well,

Until you made me

A hollow shell.

My life was

A bore

Until you

Gave me more.

My life was

Also hopeless,

Until you made

Me focus.

So why did

You leave,

Knowing we would

Both grieve?

On what I

Really deserved,

But your love

Was unearned.

Why did we do this

To each other?

Now we can only

Be left to wonder.

Published on 1/4/17

I Wish I Was A Bird
Abby Roth

I wish I was a bird,

One that could fly,

See everyone else

From high in the sky

See the suburbs,

And the city,

The trees, and in the

Distance, the sea.

I wish I was a bird,

That sat in a tree,

With other birds; friends

Sitting there with me.

Sitting and waiting,

Nothing going on,

Just cars here now,

The next second gone.

I wish I was a bird

With elegant feathers,

Spread out in the heat,

Hidden in wet weather.

Wings like an angel,

Colors of the sky above,

Feet like the golden sun,

A color that I love.

I wish I was a bird

That found another,

And one day in future,

A bird that was a mother.

Published on 12/16/16

Ambling On
Abby Roth

Beautifully broken,

That’s what I am.

A piece of my heart

Is in your hand.

Didn’t mean for you

To have it,

To treat me as

A toy to hit.

Hard for me

To handle,

I can only


I must

Move on,

Before my

Heart is gone.

I’d give it to

Anyone else gladly,

But no one will

Take it; sadly.

Published on 12/16/16

Who You Are
Abby Roth

I can’t write a poem that makes

Sense for a person that doesn’t,

Just like I can’t say it was your

Fault when it wasn’t.

You are special to almost

Everyone you meet,

You are always yourself,

Good or bad, cool or freak.

You stay true to the ones you

Love, whether or not that’s me.

You keep the important ones close,

But still let them roam free.

You are who you are,

Left or right, right or wrong.

You don’t dance but move

To your own signature song.

And only the best ones

Know how it goes,

Because only they

Know how to get close.

Published on 12/16/16

 I'm From...
Abby Roth

I’m from Florida, New Jersey,

And everywhere in between.

Even Connecticut now,

As it seems.

I’m from the park across the street,

The swings, tables and benches,

Even the tree in the yard

Without low hanging branches.

I’m from “new kid” to “cool kid”

In a matter of weeks,

But it still doesn’t feel

Like the real me.

I’m from letters to colors,

F to Green,

Baxter and Fedele

To Goffin and Biondi.

I’m from Brian, Dana, Ria

Rachel, Rayhanah, and Jess

To Tammy, Taylor, Emma and Anna,

But I just don’t like this test.

Test of friendship,

Character and faith,

But all I’m seeing

Here is wraiths.

Published on 12/16/16

What I'm Made Of
Abby Roth

I’m from M&M and chocolate

Chip cookies burning in the oven,

Strawberries, cherries and

Watermelon as a snack,

Eating pizza, then in the bathroom

Because the cheese fell off the bread.

I’m from a splinter,

A tack,

Temper tantrums, and

New boots in the soft carpet, then

In the ER with a needle in my head.

I’m from Nibbles and Milky Way,

Molly and Mindy and

Perrywinkle the fish.

Spinning in circles in my Barbie

Jeep and keeping things a mess.

Billy Joel,

Don McLean, and


To Carrie Underwood,

Raelynn, and

The Zac Brown Band.

All in all, this is what I’m made of.

When I look into the mirror, this is

What I see. But there’s still my future,

I’m more than memories.

Published on 12/16/16

Walk Beside Me
Abby Roth

“Don’t walk in front of me… I may not follow”

How can I trust you?

How do I know you’re taking me down the right road?

Do you really know what to do,

Or are you trying to deceive me; give me the whole load?

“Don’t walk behind me… I may not lead”

Should you really follow me?

Am I the right path for you?

Are your instincts correct, or

Do you not have a clue?

“Walk beside me… just be my friend.”

I don’t need you in my front or back,

I need you right here, to be the light in the black.

Quote by Albert Camus

Published on 12/16/16

Abby Roth

I can’t think.

I don’t know.

Only so far is

How far I’ll go.

Won’t push,

Won’t pull.

My brain’s

All full.

It’s also empty,

Noting coming in.

Gone, but I

Still lift my chin.

I will have hope,

For at least one,

One that matters,

That isn’t done.

One, unlike me, that

Has a life to live.

One, unlike me, that

Has something to give.

Published on 12/16/16


Fly away young one

Fly away home

But you are just a potato

So you hopped in a spaceship

Now you are a space potato

In outer space

You have very little oxygen

So go back in

You little potato

You know nothing of Earth

Poor little potato

You are now my dinner

-B. E. Dragunoff

Published on 11/30/16

Jaelynn Cafourek



Liquidus touch

As it caresses my lips

The warmth tingling through my fingers

The red cylinder

Piercing my shut eyes

In the ecstasy

Of a sip



All that i need

The pungent

Beautifully stinging


Now entering my veins

The subtlety abrupt


Of a flavor

Beyond fathoming

Peppermint Mocha

Published on 11/30/16

Abby Roth

Blue lines

On blank paper,

Ideas burned away

Like vapor.

Nothing in

My head,

It’s silent,

Almost dead.


They come,

Like flowers blooming

In the sun.

Quickly writing,

Pencil scratching,

Words finally


After my work

Is complete,

I know I

Will succeed.


With delight,

Victory is

In sight.

Published on 11/30/16

Just Can't
Abby Roth

Don’t care

How I feel,

Nothing here

Is real.

Can’t stand

The pain

Or your


I can’t live,

Just die,

It’s no


That you

Left me,

Can’t you


I’m bleeding


But filled

With doubt.

Can’t stand,

Just fall,

Shut down

And bawl.

You’re tearing


My poor, sweet


I’m broken


Trying to


The pain,

So bad,

I wish

I had

Taken the


Instead I

Rolled the dice.

They didn’t

Land right,

Have to give

Up the fight.

Cracked to

The core,

Just can’t

Take anymore.

Published on 11/17/16

My Heart
Abby Roth

I left, I’m gone, not coming

Back this time.

It’s hard, when you leave for

Everything to be fine.

But I promise we’ll meet again,

I’ll be back,

Even if what we had we

Now lack.

I love you, I miss you,

But we’re never apart,

You will always be the

Closest one to my heart.

Published on 11/17/16

The Storm
Abby Roth

Down on

My knees,

I’m begging

You, please

Let me


Let me make

It through.

The blasts

About to hit,

But I

Won’t quit.

I’m fighting through

The hurricane,

Ain’t nobody

To blame.

Finally in

The eye,

But no time

To cry.

Hiding from

The earthquake

Before the

World breaks.

It might not be

Because of me,

But I still

Won’t flee.

I won’t


I will fight

The storm.

Published on 11/15/16

Abby Roth

Knives in

My back,

Seeing what

You lack.


In the air,

Now it’s


It was all

That I need,

Finding it’s

Hard to breathe.

Face down

On the floor,

Don’t need

Any more.

But it keeps

Coming, coming,

So I’m

Running, running

To you,

In your arms,

Turn off

The alarms.

Don’t care

What I try,

See it

In your eyes.

We were in

The light,

But it’s black


You were all

That I craved,

Now I can’t

Be saved

From you,

Your dark soul.

It’s taken

Its toll

On me

And my heart,

Don’t want

To restart.

But I can’t

Take it,

Time for

A split…

I’m sorry,


But still

Worried, worried

That I won’t

Make it past,

The storm,

I won’t last.

I look up

At the sky,

It’s time for

Me to fly.

Published on 11/15/16

Abby Roth

You break my fingers,

Break my wrist,

But here’s

A little twist:

Every once in a while

You break my heart,

Tear, rip, and

Shred it apart.

You kill me,

Inside and out,

You yell and

Scream and shout.

I can’t take it,

Bye Felicia,

You act like you’re

A queen, a diva.

But you’re not,

Sad to say,

Not now and

Not in future days.

So leave,

And don’t come back,

No one will miss you,

Go start to pack

For on the road,

To find a home,

‘Cause it's not here,

Go on now, roam

The world,

The street.

Find your place,

Make your own beat.

Published on 11/15/16

Just A Boy
Abby Roth

You’ve always been

By my side,

You take me out

Of the riptide.

You are the light

That shines through,

When I’m happy

Or feeling blue.

You make me happy,

Make me smile,

You’d do anything, even

If it’s not your style.

You pick me up,

Not drag me down.

When I’m with you

I never frown.

You fill my

Heart with joy,

Even though you’re

Just a boy.

All these things

And more, too,

Is exactly why

I love you.

Published on 11/15/16

Abby Roth

You made me shy and self-conscious,

You made me worried about

How I look and act.

But you actually helped me

Find myself in this crazy ride called life.

You made me confused and annoyed,

Then left me alone in the dark.

You showed me the

True feelings of a heart.

Then I was abandoned once again,

With no one to pick me back up.

I was left there a while,

Telling myself you would come back...

But you aren’t

And you still haven’t come back.

I’m still in the dark.

But some new friends found me

And are helping me back into the light.

But you’re still gone…

And because of what you did to me

You are not allowed to come back.

Published on 11/4/16

Silence Is Among Us
Abby Roth

Silence is among us.

The wind could be howling,

But instead a slight breeze.

Silence is among us.

There could be honking horns and terrible traffic,

But just a car here and there.

Silence is among us.

Animals scattered in the trees,

But just leaves ruffling.

Silence is among us.

Writers thinking and jotting down,

But just my pencil scratching.

Silence is among us.

There could be people all around,

But it is only me.

Silence is among us.

Published on 11/4/16

Not Mine
Abby Roth

I live here,

Where the sun shines,

It’s a home,

But it’s not mine.

Past and future,

Follow the line.


But they’re not mine.

It’s fresh,

The forest pine.

A favored scent,

But it’s not mine.

Loved ones,

Three or nine.

I care for them all,

But they’re not mine.

You’ve no idea

How hard I try.

This is my life; my body,

But still...not mine.

Published on 11/4/16

Love No Longer
Abby Roth

Your love is like a game,

You can’t keep it all straight.

Don’t care about others

Who have hearts with open gates.

I was an open book,

Poured it all out to you.

You took all of me,

Now I’m broken in two.

Too many pieces,

Too hard to solve,

A never ending puzzle,

My heart has dissolved.

I can love no longer,

My heart is broke.

The fire burned out,

You went up in smoke.

Published on 11/4/16

Lost Love
Abby Roth

Love is very complicated,

Crazy, one might say.

No specific boundaries,

All the lines are gray.

I thought I knew how it felt,

Once in my life,

But he left my heart broken,

Stabbed with a knife.

Of course we still see each other,

Every now and then,

But we don’t talk about the past,

We’re not going there again.

I heard he wants it back,

The way it used to be,

But I don’t think I could take it,

The way he treated me.

I feel love no longer,

There are no hearts around my head,

I don’t smile when I’m with him

And the butterflies are dead.

We haven’t talked since,

Even when we see each other around.

There is no water near us,

But we still slowly drown.

Published on 11/4/16

Abby Roth

A girl is

Out there,

Blue eyes,

Blonde hair,

Just looking for something to eat.

There also is

Another man,

Around his finger’s

A wedding band,

In his house, trying to make it neat.

Man laughing,

Girl crying,

Both slowly


Because of the lives they have.

Only trying

To live,

Need something


But isn’t, so they slowly go mad.


Is the problem,

Starvation and

No blossom,

Neither come so easily.

Neither get

What they want,

And it can’t be


Both drown in their never ending grief.

Published on 11/4/16

Happily Ever After
Abby Roth

You walk over, she looks up,

And when you see her face…

It’s scarred, yet beautiful, and in that moment,

Your whole world will change.

Soon she’s in your sweater,

Wrapped in your arms tight.

You cuddle together,

And stay there for the night.

One day you come over,

Bent down on a knee.

She covers her face and cries,

But it’s because she’s happy.

Her mother’s acting crazy,

Her father’s going insane.

You tell her, “It’s okay,

Throw the plans down the drain.”

You take her to the park

That she played on everyday.

You both say, “I do,”

And kiss in the rain.

No, it isn’t perfect,

You argue every now and then.

But you take her by the hand,

And say, “Remember when…

“You were in my sweater

That cold winter night.

And said, “Babe, this is

Just in case we fight.

“I love you you are mine,

Through the rain and the sun.

It’s you and me forever,

We are each other’s number one.

“Kiss me on the cheek

When you need to say this rhyme.

I’ll remember too, and

We will be just fine.”

He still loves her,

And she has always loved him.

Happily ever after

Has happened once again.

Published on 11/4/16

Abby Roth

I don’t mind your dark side,

The shadows that you have.

I don’t care about your demons,

They can’t be half bad…

Unlike mine.

They follow me, they haunt me,

They control my mind.

They change and reshape me,

They’re the reason that I cry.

But you came along and

Suddenly, they went away.

Now I can sleep at night,

And go about my day.

But when you left me, they came back,

Even worse this time.

I can’t hear or breathe,

Or see, they make me blind.

Please come back, I love you,

Come back and make them leave.

I can take the pain no longer,

I’m crying into your sleeve.

Hug me, kiss me, love me,

Please, do anything.

Just keep the demons away,

My mind and body are aching.

They just keep on hurting me,

Oh, please be my saving grace.

Leave the demons here and

Let’s get out of this place.

Published on 11/4/16

Abby Roth

And suddenly,

I couldn’t come above.

I won’t lie, I liked it,

Maybe even loved

The black, the darkness,

Please let me keep it,

I know I deserve it,

It’s my little secret.

Don’t take it from me,

The perpetual gloom,

I know it’s my fault,

So just leave me in this room

With no light,

No lantern or candle.

I want to be alone,

I can handle

Death, you know,

It’s not that bad.

Because of you, in fact,

I already have.

Published on 11/4/16

Abby Roth

Falling down

Is hard,

It hurts

A lot.

It leaves you with

Scars and bruises

That may not

Ever heal.

But when life

Is too hard

To stand,


I know it’s hard to accept

That you’re allowed to give in,

But it is perfectly okay

To admit you’re not okay.

Sometimes it’s not you,

But other people in the way.

So dream,


And love.

Your heart is just a beatbox
For the song of your life.

So dance.

Published on 11/4/16

Broken Heart
Abby Roth
In the beginning, it was me, myself and I,

Then I made my way through,

Climbing over my hills of shyness,

And I had new friends.

The crazy one (just like me), and

Her close friend (with sanity),

The one in the middle,

Her beautiful bestie,

Ms. Basketball,

And one with loyalty.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven

Is not an even number.

Someone sits out,

Someone is an extra wheel.

The extra wheel who sat with

A stranger for months,

Because that wheel was considered

A stranger too.

“New” to this school, all alone,

And again it was me, myself, and I.

But again I reached up

And conquered my

Hills of shyness,

And had them all back,

But that didn’t last,

Because seven is still an odd number,

So again I got left behind

And the hills

Got steeper,

And steeper,

And harder to climb.

So again it’s me, myself, and I.

But a fourth person came along

And is still here to stay.

I am not alone anymore,

Because loneliness is

Always with me.

Published on 11/4/16

Abby Roth


Is how I feel,

Nothing here

Is for real.


Is what I see,

On the bottom

Is where I’ll be.


Is creeping in,

Knowing that it

Soon will win.


I’ve lost hope,

It’s all just

A stupid joke.


Has come for some,

But me?

No, I’m done.

Published on 11/2/16

I Love You
Abby Roth

I love you,

With your half smile-half smirk,

But then it went away.

I love you,

You are my sunshine,

But then came the rain.

I love you

Because you loved me back,

I thought it was destiny.

I love you

And your perfect smile,

But then came your meant-to-be.

I love you

Are perfect words for ones

Who mean the most.

But then those words are thrown away

Like nothing more than ghosts.

Published on 11/2/16

The Least I Can Do
Abby Roth

Busy, busy, busy,

All the time.

Pushed and stressed,

But says everything’s fine.

Work, work, work,

Never at home,

Or course they’re together,

But they feel alone.

Back, back, back,

Please come back.

I need you but you’re not here,

Your presence is lacked.

Love, love, love,

I’ll give mine to you,

It might not be much,

But it’s the least I can do.

Published on 11/2/16

Price of A Living Soul
Abby Roth

I sit

And I stare,

And pretend

I’m not there.

Not in the


Don’t have to


The price of

A living soul

In the world’s

Mixing bowl.

I am on

My own,

No place to

Call home.

Just keep on,

Keep on running,

They can’t catch you

When you’re moving.
Published on 11/2/16

Abby Roth

It was just the three of us,

Her, him, and me.

All together,

Out on the beach.

Laying in the sand,

Or out in the water,

We were with each other,

But they didn’t bother

Putting up with me,

They left me behind.

In the end it is ourselves

We must remind

To stay calm,

And be okay with it.

It’s a part of life,

When people split.

I was stuck in the dust,

Staring out into space,

They didn’t see

The look on my face.

It wasn’t anger,

Fury, or hate,

It was realizing that this,

Indeed, was my fate.

Instead, loneliness

Was the look.

Because our friendship,

They took.

Now I’m stuck here,

In the sand,

Reaching up

For a hand

To help me

Get back on my feet.

Instead, I have to give up,

I choose defeat.

Published on 11/2/16


Why can’t there be peace all around?

Why can’t we love?

For we have drowned,

and believe we are above

Why must there be war?

Why can’t we care?

For we always want more,

and never know how to share

Why don’t we show respect?

Why are we foolish?

For we like to disconnect,

and think we’re useless

Why do we act this way?

Why is it hard to become a newman?

We blame it on they,

because we are human

Tamara Barkasy

Published on 10/20/16

A poem about poetry.               



Why is it called a poem?

The world may show him

Why must it rhyme?

To school I show up on time

This poem is quite random

A moist towelette the waiter will hand him

And as this poem comes to a close

It reminds me of my toes

-B. E. Dragunoff  

Published on 10/19/16



Word don't always
They can rip, tear down
and bring out dread

But even worse than words,
carelessly thrown around,
is something most people
are eventually bound

it's worse than crying
yourself to sleep,
worse than diving
in too deep

"sticks & stones are hard on bones
aimed with angry art,
words can sting like anything,
but SILENCE breaks the heart"

Phillis McGinley

Published on 10/19/16

I Wish I Could Fly

By: Grace Yu

I wish I could fly

Be able to lie down in the sky

Be able to stand in the sky while eating pie

Be able to sit in the sky while eating Thai

Be able to be near the fireworks on the Fourth of July

Be able to be in the sky in a blink of an eye

Not being able to fly just makes me cry

Oh, I wish I could fly

Published 3/2/16

By Ishy Khan

Yes it is true that there is

Autumn lies

Autumn cries

and Autumn sighs

But there’s also

Autumn vibes

and the Autumn skies

because Autumn tries

          and Autumn thrives           

Published on 11/17/15

What Would You Do?

By Sanvi Bhardwaj

Words. Just a few simple words can alter a person forever.

Tarnished words, filled with hatred.

Why? To hurt, to be cool, to take revenge?

Some of these simple words can consume your soul,

sucking in the last of happiness, joy.

Some really take a life.

Others, devour. What do you do?

Do you pass by? Do you just listen?

Or do you do something?

“Stop.” or “That’s not nice.”

That can change an individual.

Those people will know you helped them,

And you will be proud.

But what do you choose to do?

Do you stomp it out? Or do you just pass it by?

That’s for you to decide.

Published on 2/25/15

“Snow Village’s shadow” by Anna Daniels

I tell the truth but yet I lie

    I wonder if they will ever see

        Past my mask someday.

But I know not to hope for it will never be.

    Any second, minute, hour, or day it will come,

Death taking me away in the dead night.

No one will notice


My name says it all.

        Like a curse it follows.

        Yukimura Kage

    Snow Village’s shadow

So true in it meaning.

For I am a shadow to the world,

    a simple wallflower.

        They come and go those that they call friends.

        What is their purpose?

Why do they leave?

I don’t care anymore,

it every day life.











Published on 12/2/14

You Say That Now

By: Shreya Dhume

When we were young, we told them, “I’ll never disobey you, I’ll always be good”

They just smiled and said, “You say that now”

When we were a little older, we sometimes failed to be true to that statement

But we still said, “I’ll never disobey you, I’ll always be good”

They just smiled and said, “You say that now”

When we were teenagers, we almost always felt annoyed and talked back because we thought they didn’t understand us

Sometimes, we said awful things to them like, “I hate you”

They said, “You say that now”

When we got older, we moved far from them, but we still kept in contact with them

We thought back to how we used to tell them we’d always be good

And how untrue that statement became the older we got

And now that we have grown up, we feel as we did when we were very young

We tell them, “I wish I’d never disobeyed you, I should’ve always been good”

And they just smile and say, “Thank you for saying that now”  

Published on 11/19/14




Sanvi Bhardwaj

Maroon Team

The Death of Teletubbies

They've stopped skipping for weeks,
    but PBS doesn’t seem to care,
    because they don’t make money anymore,

Their voices have started to droop,
    Naughty Noo-Noo doesn’t vacuum toast,
    they think it’s just a phase,

That it will pass,
    That little boys and girls everywhere,
    will learn to love again.

They fail to see,
    Tellytubbyland is losing its color,
    The Sun Baby beginning to lose its shine.

Until, one day,
    Their colors are all gone,

    Red is gone from Po,

Purple is gone from Tinky Winky,
    No more yellow for Laa-Laa,
    Green from Dipsy,

Their rainbow world seems to have gone black,
    Where, somewhere in Cheshire, Connecticut,
    A little girl is beginning to cry, saying,

“Mommy, is it true, is it true, are they not real?,”

    And she sits with the girl,
    Nice and tight,

And, beginning from the start,
    Begins to take apart,
    from the orange of the flowers,

The color of their hair,

And begins to tell her,
    That is is time to say,
    Good night.

Published on 11/7/14

They Asked
Kaitlen Barnhart

When we were in preschool,

they asked us what we wanted to be,

ballerina, princess, astronaut, football player

they nodded to us, knowing that these would not come up later.

When we had gone to first grade,

they asked us what we wanted to be,

famous anything is what came,

they nodded to us, knowing that these had television to blame.

When we had gone through elementary,

they asked us what we wanted to be,

scientist, football player, doctor, vet,

they nodded to us, knowing that these choices were not yet set.

When we had gone through junior high,

they asked us what we wanted to be,

author, doctor, singer, dancer,

they nodded to us, ready for a permanent answer.

We went through high school with these childish dreams,

and then, they asked us what we wanted to be,

we gave up the visions that came from our television,

and became things we never imagined.

Construction workers, contractors,

some moved out west to work with the tractors,

nurses, salonists, teachers,

all came to be as our imagination grew weaker.

Now we are adults with our imagination gone,

some of us haven’t seen it in so long,

but I, rather, see it everyday,

because I never gave up my dream from that preschool day.

Published on 10/22/14

The Hunter

HE TOOK his trusty gun in hand

And wrangled large, defeated foe

Then walked for miles throughout the land

Through places others dare not go

They say he walked for three days straight

And never once caught looking back

He kept with him the beast till late

The one that took so long to track

This undead beast, it opened eye

And raked its claws across his chest

The hunter gave a battle cry

And put the beast to final rest

The sun sank low, the moon shone bright

The hunter had to find a place

To spend another sleepless night

Where shadows blanket watchful face

Black-robed phantoms of the night

Weaving in and out of trees

The howling of wolves and cold, harsh light

Carried in the lonely breeze

And when the daylight climbs the hills

Garish light from rising sun

His resting body lying still

Arm around protecting gun

The clouds storm in, in troops they march

The weakend sun has fell behind

The darkened sky a blackened arch

Clouds interlocked and intertwined

The rain was pouring from the sky

And soaked all that was in its way

The hunter, huddled, staying dry

Oh, it was a dismal day!

He wanted home, so left dry cave

He took his gun and grabbed his kill

He persevered and remained brave

Through the valleys, over hills

And at long last, he reached his home

He tumbled toward it, beast and all.

Then stopped abruptly, tried to comb

Back messy hair begun to fall

He bounded quickly up the stairs

Then flung the heavy door aside.

His startled eyes met up with theirs,

And closed the door to the outside.

Moreira Salsman

Published on 10/8/2014

Weeping Willow

Verse 1

    When I was new

    You learned to achieve

    Grabbing me away

    Before we could leave

    Then you’d take my arm

    Roll up my sleeve

    And affectionately bite it

    Without using your teeth

    Your daughter’s first daughter

You saw her in me

    You saw that girl in me


And the weeping willow weeps

For the time that’s taken wing

Like an eagle taking flight

And a lark about to sing

We only have our memories

Treasured in our hearts

Keep them with you always

Never will we part

Wrap me in your memories

Your boughs will keep me dry

I’ve learned and seen and known so much

Since you taught me how to fly

Verse 2

    At three I was a small shadow

    To follow you wherever you’d go

    I clasped my hands behind my back

    When you turned around

    It made you laugh

    Then we’d go inside

    And you would stir

    Pesto sauce with your girl

    Your great big little girl


And the weeping willow weeps

For the time that’s taken wing

Like an eagle taking flight

And a lark about to sing

We only have our memories

Treasured in our hearts

Keep them with you always

Never will we part

Wrap me in your memories

Your boughs will keep me dry

I’ve learned and seen and known so much

Since you taught me how to fly

Verse 3

    Then the red convertible came

    We drove with the top up in the rain

    But when there was sun

    We’d put it down

    And drive that Audi all over town

    Then we’d come home and make pesto again

    I couldn’t have been more than ten

    Not much more than ten.


And the weeping willow weeps

For the time that’s taken wing

Like an eagle taking flight

And a lark about to sing

We only have our memories

Treasured in our hearts

Keep them with you always

Never will we part

Wrap me in your memories

Your boughs will keep me dry

I’ve learned and seen and known so much

Since you taught me how to fly

--Musical Intermission--

Verse 4

    Then you went to California

    And never returned

    On March 19, 2013

You departed from this world

    To meet the God in Heaven

    Whose kingdom lies above

    He wrapped you in his arms

Embracing you with love

    This startling event changed everything in me

    My weeping willow tree

    You’re my weeping willow tree


And the weeping willow weeps

For the time that’s taken wing

Like an eagle taking flight

And a lark about to sing

We only have our memories

Treasured in our hearts

Keep them with you always

Never will we part

Wrap me in your memories

Your boughs will keep me dry

I’ve learned and seen and known so much

Since you taught me how to fly

    You taught me how to fly.

By: Moreira Salsman

In tribute to Juan G. Collas, the best grandfather anyone could ever ask for.
                                                                   Published on 3/13/14


By: Moreira Salsman

You stand there

Hand raised in salute

Ready to fight for your country,

Your freedom,

Your family,

Your life.

They called you here to fight

But you came here

To save people you don’t know.

To be a hero

To be acknowledged

To be remembered

To be known.

Be proud of the country you fight for.

Be strong in head, mind, and heart.

Remember your country,

Your freedom,

Your family,

And your life.

And go out onto the battlefield

With love in your heart.

Published on 3/7/14

Who Dares Control the Storm?

By: Moreira Salsman

Who dares control the storm?

That quakes in its fury

Taking out its anger on those below

Who dares control the storm?

that builds a wave of water

just to flood the unsuspecting people

Who dares control the storm?

Throwing lightning at its victims

and pelting all with rain

Who dares control the storm?

whose eye is the only calm

of the mighty hurricane

Who dares control the storm?

I tell you now,

I speak the truth,

it is only God

who dare





Published on 10/23/13