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Why can’t there be peace all around?

Why can’t we love?

For we have drowned,

and believe we are above

Why must there be war?

Why can’t we care?

For we always want more,

and never know how to share

Why don’t we show respect?

Why are we foolish?

For we like to disconnect,

and think we’re useless

Why do we act this way?

Why is it hard to become a newman?

We blame it on they,

because we are human

Tamara Barkasy

Published on 10/20/16


A poem about poetry.               



Why is it called a poem?

The world may show him

Why must it rhyme?

To school I show up on time

This poem is quite random

A moist towelette the waiter will hand him

And as this poem comes to a close

It reminds me of my toes

-B. E. Dragunoff  

Published on 10/19/16



Word don't always
They can rip, tear down
and bring out dread

But even worse than words,
carelessly thrown around,
is something most people
are eventually bound

it's worse than crying
yourself to sleep,
worse than diving
in too deep

"sticks & stones are hard on bones
aimed with angry art,
words can sting like anything,
but SILENCE breaks the heart"

Phillis McGinley

Published on 10/19/16


I Wish I Could Fly

By: Grace Yu

I wish I could fly

Be able to lie down in the sky

Be able to stand in the sky while eating pie

Be able to sit in the sky while eating Thai

Be able to be near the fireworks on the Fourth of July

Be able to be in the sky in a blink of an eye

Not being able to fly just makes me cry

Oh, I wish I could fly

Published 3/2/16


By Ishy Khan

Yes it is true that there is

Autumn lies

Autumn cries

and Autumn sighs

But there’s also

Autumn vibes

and the Autumn skies

because Autumn tries

          and Autumn thrives           

Published on 11/17/15


What Would You Do?

By Sanvi Bhardwaj

Words. Just a few simple words can alter a person forever.

Tarnished words, filled with hatred.

Why? To hurt, to be cool, to take revenge?

Some of these simple words can consume your soul,

sucking in the last of happiness, joy.

Some really take a life.

Others, devour. What do you do?

Do you pass by? Do you just listen?

Or do you do something?

“Stop.” or “That’s not nice.”

That can change an individual.

Those people will know you helped them,

And you will be proud.

But what do you choose to do?

Do you stomp it out? Or do you just pass it by?

That’s for you to decide.

Published on 2/25/15


“Snow Village’s shadow” by Anna Daniels

I tell the truth but yet I lie

    I wonder if they will ever see

        Past my mask someday.

But I know not to hope for it will never be.

    Any second, minute, hour, or day it will come,

Death taking me away in the dead night.

No one will notice


My name says it all.

        Like a curse it follows.

        Yukimura Kage

    Snow Village’s shadow

So true in it meaning.

For I am a shadow to the world,

    a simple wallflower.

        They come and go those that they call friends.

        What is their purpose?

Why do they leave?

I don’t care anymore,

it every day life.











Published on 12/2/14


You Say That Now

By: Shreya Dhume

When we were young, we told them, “I’ll never disobey you, I’ll always be good”

They just smiled and said, “You say that now”

When we were a little older, we sometimes failed to be true to that statement

But we still said, “I’ll never disobey you, I’ll always be good”

They just smiled and said, “You say that now”

When we were teenagers, we almost always felt annoyed and talked back because we thought they didn’t understand us

Sometimes, we said awful things to them like, “I hate you”

They said, “You say that now”

When we got older, we moved far from them, but we still kept in contact with them

We thought back to how we used to tell them we’d always be good

And how untrue that statement became the older we got

And now that we have grown up, we feel as we did when we were very young

We tell them, “I wish I’d never disobeyed you, I should’ve always been good”

And they just smile and say, “Thank you for saying that now”  

Published on 11/19/14






Sanvi Bhardwaj

Maroon Team

The Death of Teletubbies

They've stopped skipping for weeks,
    but PBS doesn’t seem to care,
    because they don’t make money anymore,

Their voices have started to droop,
    Naughty Noo-Noo doesn’t vacuum toast,
    they think it’s just a phase,

That it will pass,
    That little boys and girls everywhere,
    will learn to love again.

They fail to see,
    Tellytubbyland is losing its color,
    The Sun Baby beginning to lose its shine.

Until, one day,
    Their colors are all gone,

    Red is gone from Po,

Purple is gone from Tinky Winky,
    No more yellow for Laa-Laa,
    Green from Dipsy,

Their rainbow world seems to have gone black,
    Where, somewhere in Cheshire, Connecticut,
    A little girl is beginning to cry, saying,

“Mommy, is it true, is it true, are they not real?,”

    And she sits with the girl,
    Nice and tight,

And, beginning from the start,
    Begins to take apart,
    from the orange of the flowers,

The color of their hair,

And begins to tell her,
    That is is time to say,
    Good night.

Published on 11/7/14

They Asked
Kaitlen Barnhart

When we were in preschool,

they asked us what we wanted to be,

ballerina, princess, astronaut, football player

they nodded to us, knowing that these would not come up later.

When we had gone to first grade,

they asked us what we wanted to be,

famous anything is what came,

they nodded to us, knowing that these had television to blame.

When we had gone through elementary,

they asked us what we wanted to be,

scientist, football player, doctor, vet,

they nodded to us, knowing that these choices were not yet set.

When we had gone through junior high,

they asked us what we wanted to be,

author, doctor, singer, dancer,

they nodded to us, ready for a permanent answer.

We went through high school with these childish dreams,

and then, they asked us what we wanted to be,

we gave up the visions that came from our television,

and became things we never imagined.

Construction workers, contractors,

some moved out west to work with the tractors,

nurses, salonists, teachers,

all came to be as our imagination grew weaker.

Now we are adults with our imagination gone,

some of us haven’t seen it in so long,

but I, rather, see it everyday,

because I never gave up my dream from that preschool day.


Published on 10/22/14

The Hunter

HE TOOK his trusty gun in hand

And wrangled large, defeated foe

Then walked for miles throughout the land

Through places others dare not go

They say he walked for three days straight

And never once caught looking back

He kept with him the beast till late

The one that took so long to track

This undead beast, it opened eye

And raked its claws across his chest

The hunter gave a battle cry

And put the beast to final rest

The sun sank low, the moon shone bright

The hunter had to find a place

To spend another sleepless night

Where shadows blanket watchful face

Black-robed phantoms of the night

Weaving in and out of trees

The howling of wolves and cold, harsh light

Carried in the lonely breeze

And when the daylight climbs the hills

Garish light from rising sun

His resting body lying still

Arm around protecting gun

The clouds storm in, in troops they march

The weakend sun has fell behind

The darkened sky a blackened arch

Clouds interlocked and intertwined

The rain was pouring from the sky

And soaked all that was in its way

The hunter, huddled, staying dry

Oh, it was a dismal day!

He wanted home, so left dry cave

He took his gun and grabbed his kill

He persevered and remained brave

Through the valleys, over hills

And at long last, he reached his home

He tumbled toward it, beast and all.

Then stopped abruptly, tried to comb

Back messy hair begun to fall

He bounded quickly up the stairs

Then flung the heavy door aside.

His startled eyes met up with theirs,

And closed the door to the outside.

Moreira Salsman

Published on 10/8/2014


Weeping Willow

Verse 1

    When I was new

    You learned to achieve

    Grabbing me away

    Before we could leave

    Then you’d take my arm

    Roll up my sleeve

    And affectionately bite it

    Without using your teeth

    Your daughter’s first daughter

You saw her in me

    You saw that girl in me


And the weeping willow weeps

For the time that’s taken wing

Like an eagle taking flight

And a lark about to sing

We only have our memories

Treasured in our hearts

Keep them with you always

Never will we part

Wrap me in your memories

Your boughs will keep me dry

I’ve learned and seen and known so much

Since you taught me how to fly

Verse 2

    At three I was a small shadow

    To follow you wherever you’d go

    I clasped my hands behind my back

    When you turned around

    It made you laugh

    Then we’d go inside

    And you would stir

    Pesto sauce with your girl

    Your great big little girl


And the weeping willow weeps

For the time that’s taken wing

Like an eagle taking flight

And a lark about to sing

We only have our memories

Treasured in our hearts

Keep them with you always

Never will we part

Wrap me in your memories

Your boughs will keep me dry

I’ve learned and seen and known so much

Since you taught me how to fly

Verse 3

    Then the red convertible came

    We drove with the top up in the rain

    But when there was sun

    We’d put it down

    And drive that Audi all over town

    Then we’d come home and make pesto again

    I couldn’t have been more than ten

    Not much more than ten.


And the weeping willow weeps

For the time that’s taken wing

Like an eagle taking flight

And a lark about to sing

We only have our memories

Treasured in our hearts

Keep them with you always

Never will we part

Wrap me in your memories

Your boughs will keep me dry

I’ve learned and seen and known so much

Since you taught me how to fly

--Musical Intermission--

Verse 4

    Then you went to California

    And never returned

    On March 19, 2013

You departed from this world

    To meet the God in Heaven

    Whose kingdom lies above

    He wrapped you in his arms

Embracing you with love

    This startling event changed everything in me

    My weeping willow tree

    You’re my weeping willow tree


And the weeping willow weeps

For the time that’s taken wing

Like an eagle taking flight

And a lark about to sing

We only have our memories

Treasured in our hearts

Keep them with you always

Never will we part

Wrap me in your memories

Your boughs will keep me dry

I’ve learned and seen and known so much

Since you taught me how to fly

    You taught me how to fly.

By: Moreira Salsman

In tribute to Juan G. Collas, the best grandfather anyone could ever ask for.
                                                                   Published on 3/13/14

By: Moreira Salsman

You stand there

Hand raised in salute

Ready to fight for your country,

Your freedom,

Your family,

Your life.

They called you here to fight

But you came here

To save people you don’t know.

To be a hero

To be acknowledged

To be remembered

To be known.

Be proud of the country you fight for.

Be strong in head, mind, and heart.

Remember your country,

Your freedom,

Your family,

And your life.

And go out onto the battlefield

With love in your heart.

Published on 3/7/14

Who Dares Control the Storm?

By: Moreira Salsman

Who dares control the storm?

That quakes in its fury

Taking out its anger on those below

Who dares control the storm?

that builds a wave of water

just to flood the unsuspecting people

Who dares control the storm?

Throwing lightning at its victims

and pelting all with rain

Who dares control the storm?

whose eye is the only calm

of the mighty hurricane

Who dares control the storm?

I tell you now,

I speak the truth,

it is only God

who dare





Published on 10/23/13


Walk Alone


Through the deserted fields,

Once alive but now irrevocably dead,

I walk alone

through the cold, bleak nights.

I am withering,

Dying with each passing moment.

Hope once burned

Bright within,

The only flare in a cruel

Unforgiving world.

And then the wind blew it out,

And as each little ember died on my heart,

They each became a

Sick reminder

That it was I who was the blame.

They gnawed away at my

Paper heart,

And soon that was added

To the growing list of things I had killed. 

The stars shine like pinpricks of light in the sky,

Only to fade as I

Walk below.

The moon’s glow cannot penetrate such a thick gloom

As that which blanketed my world,

A world where darkness reigns above all else.

Fear flashes like lightning

In the sky,

And rain spatters down,

Tears falling from above.

As I deliberately walk alone

During the eleventh hour,

I approach the Edge of the world,

the Final Destination,

The tears still fall

Until mercifully,

I know no more. 

Natalee Marini

Whispering in the Stars.

I want to be there.
With the stars.
Leaving behind all memories
to run away.

Up above a world so high
Shining, watching, whispering.

Shining above all
for people to awe and gaze at.
Watching down below,
to see the calm, silent nights.
Whispering to the Earth,
“Goodbye” and “Goodnight”.

I will be there.
In the stars.

Mara Tu

For some reason I can’t explain.

Out there.
There is a land of paradise.
Where happiness prevails and hatred is nowhere to be found.
Where people are all loved.
Where there’s nothing wrong and nothing to do something wrong for.
Where people are completely revealed.

I can imagine that there is no heaven.
But instead, a land of paradise.
For people to be cheerful about their lives.
For everything to be equal.
For everything to be fair.
For wrongdoings to be taken back.

That land.
That land of paradise.
Must have all the right questions.
Must have all the right answers.
Must have the admittance of everything.
Must have everything of paradise.

Paradise... must be something good, yet
for some reason... I can’t explain.

                                                        Mara Tu

When Darkness Replaces The Light


Darkness controls my mind,

Weaves its spiny tendrils through my already

Shattered heart.

Blood drips from the thorns pressing into my sides,

Yet oddly, it doesn't hurt.

The darkness,

Crushing me from the inside out,

Feels good, long-awaited release,

Icy enough to soothe my burning soul.

The light fades from within,

Replaced by the malevolent caliginosity of the outside,

But I don't mind.

I drown inside my mind, my thoughts

Vise-like, choking, strangling.

And as the night fades away, I remain intact,

The only thing of that time remaining.

And I finally feel like I belong.

Natalee Marini

"Candled Light"

Sabrina DiSorbo

All is darkness, hope thrown in the abyss of memories- let forth the tears unto open roses whose thorns seek death with bloodied tips. Feel the cold embrace as you escape, emotions lost and emotions gained. See what truly is as I travel henceforth, clothed in darkness yet is never there, for twas never to be accepted. All I am is all I was so I shall be forever and eternally



“The Marks of a Murderer”

Sabrina DiSorbo

What if the misuse of alcohol and drugs lead a person to believe that the darkness society hides away is what should be brought to light? It leaves darkened scars etched into the stone faces masked in hatred, hardened from the deaths of innocent people. What happened to those whose hands were bloodied by countless massacres and bathed in the tears shed without guilt, listening to screams as if it were music never once asking the fatal question what have I done?



"Blackened Tendrils"

Sabrina DiSorbo


Death shall not be fought,

~without reason

Death is not withstood,

~only obeyed

Death calls thine life.

~without rhyme.



"All for Naught"

Sabrina DiSorbo


Lead in my blood, fingertips encrusted with reddened secrets~

Drowned in feelings

Dying within my thoughts...


Throughout the stillness, silence creeps

Bringing with it dark Truths...


~Thy shalt not be silenced with silver thread.



Stark white and glaring.


Swimming in the madness I find what is to be called my Mind.

Let thy darkness shine through

the eternal





"Shattered Heart without it to Hope"

Sabrina DiSorbo

Bloodied thorns upon a rose so bright

Shall my love cometh to thou tonight?

When darkness seeps and illness spreads,

Will lighted hearts join thy thread?

Hopeless may it be to dream,

but...Doth I dream upon a star?

I might and I may,

 I wisheth to darkened Day,

My Love!

...whose life had not cometh to light that day.



"Hidden Love"

Sabrina DiSorbo

In darkness it dwells


Once ashen and bitter, now glows with a bright sheen and sparkle.

Without Hope it withers, molding from the gloom as death eats the corpse.

With it Life will bloom with newfound wonder.

Hope Burns. Independence Chills.

dismayed, without a clue, it wanders~

Bringing light with it to shed on weakened souls.


Never staying, always held close.

Without it all will perish,

With it darkness festers

Death creeps as luminous light pulsates with life.



A cycle never broken.

"Life Eternal"

Sabrina DiSorbo

forever, Internal without rhyme

Always, in rhythm with a single beat

never fading, always bright.

When darkness claws the land with icy nails it stops, forever lost, never gone, smaller, softer, rhyming with rhythm , sleeping with the beat as all peacefully goes on:                                         

  ~Tis Life.

"A darkness so" 



~Sabrina DiSorbo~


light casts shadows for a reason, It is not for the cowardly, nor the ones that copy for life. Death will come, not to be cruel nor for spot, but to release things from the restraints of time. Let Life Live without knowledge of answers, doing what is right, A shadow by its own definition. When Death becomes Visible, it is not for the sake of Pain, it is the reason of Time, stopping us from further wanderings and wonderings. It is because there are things better left in darkness, unscathed by light, to be forever unnoticed...Left to...the...imagination of...the mind~



                                                                                                ~...With it Lost Time...~

"What Forever sounds like"

~Sabrina DiSorbo~


What I say

What I do

The things I love~

are in you

never to be


...~encased in your tomb.


heart will always

beat for you

...for you

belong to you... 


Soul sings your name

As I wait for you

I-You shall see

Wait for me~

Wait for me...

Waiting for me...

With death, we shall see

“The Bridge” 

By Connie Xiao

My mother was the bridge for me

Closing the gaping hole left behind by memories,

Good and bad.


Without her I would fall into the deep abyss of peril,

Without her I am nothing.


It is my mother who connects me

To the only hope left on this troublesome earth.


It is she who has taught me good from bad,

Who makes sure that I hover well above any threats.


She is the only thing that stands between me and death.


Because of her I can leave behind the past and

Look for the path across the bridge.


Look for the reason I am here.






A fountain of colors sinking behind the sky

A handful of stars rising to the night

The sun fighting hopelessly

A battle that could never be won





Like a volcano

Erupting out of sheer joy

Like a dream come true



That fire that drives us onward

Pushes us, let us do things we have never done

Crashing and stumbling on the way

That power of a charging ram

Of static electricity, a shower of sparks

That leads the fire now today.

By Michelle Zhuang

                                                Death’s Silence

The full moon sheds an ominous light upon the dismal scene below it; its life bleeding and crying out for mercy. The bare-barked trees sway in the whiplashing wind, clawing at any wos draw near. Barely seen, the uncanny cloud stops, suspended in front of the moon, letting all to be lost, slipping away into Night. Blackness sets in nothing can be seen...



All hope is gone and Dawn Has yet to come.

Black widows weave

silken webs of


adding silver threads in the edges of reality,

etching a silver line into the swelling dark.




   shrouded in darkness...in a place where light does not shine, you are still there...

A Steady Beat


Sabrina DiSorbo


up, down, all Around; Can’t get out~

Up, down, all around; Find a way, away ~


up, Down, all around; Who’s to say~?

up, down, All around ~


~ That I’ll die today...







The walls slide forward, greedily pressing their faces to my skin. I can’t escape from it, the blackness that is my heart. Hopeless as it is, I run. I run to be free. I run to to get out. I run to see how much it covers. I run until it all stops, but it never leaves. It has a home- that darkness- inside my heart.... nothing will ever close it, it has a home, where it will stay.  My happiness is overrun, knowing it shall last so little, so small a time. That happiness will stay, I will run with it in hopes of leaving it all behind.

I carry it in my heart, hoping to forget


     knowing it will never..




Yet always remembering...