Science Odyssey

What Amazes You About Science?

    What really amazes me about the human body is how all the parts of the body work together. All bones, joints, muscles, and organs work together to make the human body function. The world's animals and food chains really amaze me. It is fascinating how there is just the right amount of animals to keep the food chain in balance. I have seen how the human body works and I experience it because I am a human! It is also amazing to see the food chain happen on shark week and other programs involving animals.
    -Tyler Velleca

    What amazes me about science is that it can extend to about everything in existence. You can go from rocks and minerals to space and the universe. From a flower to the sun. From underground to the highest in the skies. That’s why I’m amazed by science. Because everything and everyone that you can possibly think of is a small part of a huge world known as science. It is endless.
-Ryan Ford

    What amazes me about the human body is how alike we are even though everyone else seems so different. For example, when I was playing with my little cousin I made him laugh. This made me think about how nobody taught him to laugh when he thought something was funny, he just instinctively did it. This was interesting because it showed me something that almost all humans have emotions. So if I feel like someone is completely different than me, I remember that we will always have emotions in common.
-Asher Fritz

Science amazes me because everything in the entire world is science!  If you think about it, we are alive, and here right now because of science.  It surprises me how much science is a part of our life, and how little we notice it.  Science is truly amazing and deserves to take credit for everything it does for us.
-Rachel Diglio

  What amazes me is that the human body can react so quickly and think deeply and do stuff you can’t even imagine. Science of the world is beautiful and what also amazes me is that how many things come from science and how things and objects are made and what things and objects are made up of. Basically everything starts with the science that comes from inside everything. Bottom line: SCIENCE IS EVERYTHING.

   -William Bergin   

     What amazes me me about the human body is how certain diseases or illnesses can link to or cause other diseases or illnesses. For example some scientists say that some gum diseases are linked to and can cause heart disease. The human body is full of questions that have been answered, but can you imagine how many questions are still unanswered or haven’t even been thought of yet? What amazes me about the human body is that is an endless pit of questions and wonders.
-Janna Moina

What amazes me about science is that everything is connected in some way. If it is the body and all the bones, nerves and muscles or the food chain with the predators, prey, decomposers and producers. I know that everything living lives off of something else and so one thing can’t survive without the other. This amazes me because the life of everything goes around in one gigantic circle!

         -Minoli Fernando

What amazes me about the human body is how our brain works for very movement and we never think about it. It amazes me that a girl can survive with half a brain. It is amazing that everything is made out of atoms. I find it mind-boggling that we are in the middle of space all alone for all we know. How can giant spheres just be dangling in nowhere while we are sitting here at school? This is what I find amazing.

          -Angel Wang