Schedule Change Information & Procedures

Students are expected to select their classes in a serious and responsible manner as every effort will be made to ensure students are scheduled into their pre-selected classes. Not all courses in the Course Catalog are offered annually. Ultimately the number of students who select that course, teacher availability, facility, and budget constraints determine courses offered during the year. When you choose a course you are committing to completing the course in its entirety to the best of your ability. If an error in course placement has been made, such as misplacement in math or world languages, students should submit a request using the electronic course request form for reassignment into the appropriate course. Replacement of approved dropped courses will be at the discretion of the Administration, based on availability of seats in courses being taught during the same class period.


      Course Drop Dates and Procedures

Students are now able to view schedules in Student Access .  If you are having trouble logging in from a mobile device, please have your student log-in from a desktop computer to view their schedule.

Issaquah School District Schedule Change Procedures:

Requests for changes at this time cannot be guaranteed, and the majority of classes are already at capacity.  The master schedule is based upon requests made by students in March during the Course Request Process, the verification performed in April, resources provided by the state funding five periods, and juggling innumerable other factors.  Please reference the course catalog for other guidelines regarding course selection expectations and deadlines. 

  • Until the end of the first full week of school: You may submit a course change request based upon academic misplacement (for example, I have French 2 on my schedule but I have not taken French 1) in the course without penalty. 
  • End of the first full week of school until day 20: Courses dropped or changed will remain on the student’s official transcript with a “W” documenting withdrawal from the course. The course will NOT be included in the GPA calculation. 
  • Day 20 and beyond: Courses dropped will remain on the student’s official transcript with an “F”. The course WILL BE included in the GPA calculation.

Just a reminder.... the Student Access Login has changed over the summer (see previous eNews from Skyline and from the Issaquah School District).  When students log in to Student Access, Connect, and Parentlink in August and beyond, they will use their school network username (First four of last name, first three of first name and the 2-digit grad year without any spaces) and their current password for each software application. If the student is unable to login with the username, add a 1, or 2, etc. after the grad year for duplicate usernames