Counseling Department News
Issaquah Schools Foundation-sponsored Fall Tutoring has arrived! The complete schedule is here. 


STUDENT DROP IN: Will your appointment take less than five minutes? Stop by during our open offices hours, Monday-Friday, during A & B lunches. It is first come, first serve, but appointments move quickly.

STUDENT ONLY (15 min): Do you need to schedule some time for academic planning or a personal check-in with your counselor? Stop in the Counseling Office and schedule an appointment with the Counseling Secretary, Mrs. Watson.

PARENT/GUARDIAN: Please schedule an appointment directly with your student’s counselor, via email.

Common App Process

The Counseling Department is receiving invitations to the Common Application and we want to make sure students are aware of the process for us to complete the Secondary School Report and if needed, to write a letter of recommendation.   

The Common App Secondary School Report form requires counselors to fill in information such as your GPA, your course rigor level, your involvement in leadership, etc.  If you do NOT need a letter of recommendation, you simply need to invite your counselor to the Common Application and request a transcript from Parchment be sent directly to the Common App.  If you do not request a transcript be sent to the Common Application we will not be able to submit the Secondary School l Report.

Some (not all!) colleges require a letter of recommendation from your School Counselor.  If you are applying to a school that requires a letter from your counselor, you will need to submit the letter of recommendation request form to that counselor at least three weeks before your college’s application deadline. Listed below are the deadlines for the college recommendation forms. 

Students who do not meet our deadlines for submitting forms to our office will not have their school report filled out and therefore will miss their college’s application deadline.

Please also note that you need to request a transcript in Parchment to be sent to COMMON APPLICATION rather than each individual Common Application school you are applying to.

Good luck starting your applications! Let us know if you have any questions.

Letter of Recommendation Form


Check One:

From turned in by

College Application Deadline


Sept 28th

Oct 15th



Oct 31st or Nov 1st


Oct 25th

Nov 15th


Nov 8th

Nov 30th or Dec 1st


Dec 4th

Dec 31st to Jan 15th


Jan 11th

Feb 1st


Feb 8th

Mar 1st


Mar 5th

Apr 1st



** Counseling Office closed for Winter Break after Dec. 20th, and there is always the possibility of snow days beforehand, so students should plan accordingly.

Student Schedules

Students are now able to view schedules in Student Access .  If you are having trouble logging in from a mobile device, please have your student log-in from a desktop computer to view their schedule.

Issaquah School District Schedule Change Procedures:

Requests for changes at this time cannot be guaranteed, and the majority of classes are already at capacity.  The master schedule is based upon requests made by students in March during the Course Request Process, the verification performed in April, resources provided by the state funding five periods, and juggling innumerable other factors.  Please reference the course catalog for other guidelines regarding course selection expectations and deadlines. 

  • Until the end of the first full week of school: You may submit a course change request based upon academic misplacement (for example, I have French 2 on my schedule but I have not taken French 1) in the course without penalty. 
  • End of the first full week of school until day 20: Courses dropped or changed will remain on the student’s official transcript with a “W” documenting withdrawal from the course. The course will NOT be included in the GPA calculation. 
  • Day 20 and beyond: Courses dropped will remain on the student’s official transcript with an “F”. The course WILL BE included in the GPA calculation.

Just a reminder.... the Student Access Login has changed over the summer (see previous eNews from Skyline and from the Issaquah School District).  When students log in to Student Access, Connect, and Parentlink in August and beyond, they will use their school network username (First four of last name, first three of first name and the 2-digit grad year without any spaces) and their current password for each software application. If the student is unable to login with the username, add a 1, or 2, etc. after the grad year for duplicate usernames.