MSU Aikido Club Fall Demonstration 

Thursday, September 5th 7:00pm to 8:00pm 

IM West Judo Room 150 

Beginners class starting September 10th!

Spartan Aikido Club is dedicated to teaching and sharing the traditional Japanese art of Aikido with adults and youth.

Aikido is a form of Budo.  Originated from martial arts used by Japanese Samurai, Aikido is a non-competitive art focused on Harmony. It is an excellent fitness activity, effective self-defense, and a great way of improving relations with others. Through Aikido we learn self-control. True victory is self-victory.  Click Here to get started today!

Spartan Aikido is a member of the Aikido Yoshokai Association of North American (AYANA), For more information about AYANA visit http://www.aikidoyoshokai.org/