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How did I learn to crochet?
Hi! My name is Tanya. Nice to meet you and glad you decided to stop by. I was taught to crochet by my Grandmother, Thelma Butler, when I was about 8 years old. I can still remember sitting beside her on her couch while being taught how to make a chain, and at my young age, what seemed like miles and miles of chains. But, Grandma always told me that I needed to get really good at chains first to learn how to have good tension and even stitching. I still have one of my first projects that wasn't just a chain. I made a bright yellow round doily of regular acrylic yarn. I don't know why I keep it, except that it reminds me of those all too short days we spent together crocheting. I regret she wasn't around long enough to teach me how to knit. Over the years I have tried to self teach, but somehow I keep going back to crochet.
Janelle's Crocheted Afghan Although my mother never learned, I have taught both of my daughters how to crochet. My oldest daughter, Janelle, went on a 3 week trip to Australia/New Zealand with a group called People to People International in the summer of 1995. She had a home-stay with a family in New Zealand for one night. Each student was to bring a thank you gift for their home-stay families. Janelle crocheted a beautiful teal and rose granny square afghan for her family. Left is a picture of the afghan. As was anticipated, they loved it! Not only was it handmade, but it will be something they will always have as a reminder of their generosity.

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Below are just a sampling of the many projects I have made over the years,
which include afghans, clothing, doilies, and other misc things you'll see below.
I have some of my crochet items at, and will showcase some of my other completed projects.

These three mini doilies are absolutely beautiful! The patterns are found in the Crochet with Heart, February 2002 issue, "Magnificent Mini Doilies". There are patterns for four of these mini doilies, but I have only made three of them.
They have a wonderful three dimensional look!
Click on the image to see an enlarged view. Please be patient as the image loads.
Mini Doily #1 Mini Doily #2 Mini Doily #3

Liberty Soda Can Cozie This Liberty Soda Can Cozie is a pattern from the Crochet World April 2003 issue. Isn't it great?! It will work for soda cans and small bottled water. If you'd like me to make one for you, click here.

This is my first beaded crochet project. This pattern is no longer available at the link I had posted, but there are several crocheted snowflake links here. This snowflake is made of ecru crochet cotton with iridescent beads. Okay, so snowflakes are supposed to be white. My next one will definitely be white. =) Beaded Crochet Snowflake

The two coasters below were made from "Classic Coasters to Crochet" (Leisure Arts leaflet #2611).
Hexagon Coaster Pineapple Coaster

This is an angel I made from a pattern in my
Crochet with Heart magazine, June 1998.
This angel can also be embellished if you choose. The dimensions are approx 4"x 5". I made one for my mother who hung it from her RV bathroom door to be the "Guardian Angel".
I found a similar pattern here - Angel Pattern.
Crocheted Angel

I made the next two items for my long distance friends I met on ICQ, Elina and Romina in Argentina.
Pineapple Square Motif Snowflake Bookmark
The pattern for the Snowflake Bookmark can be found here.
Want to order one for you or a gift? See my snowflake bookmark page.
Click on either image to see a larger version with more detail.
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This Frilly Heart Bookmark was designed by me. I'm working on compiling the pattern so I can post it online. Frilly Heart Bookmark
Click on image to see a larger version with more detail.
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Spring Bunny Here's one of my small but cute projects.
I got the pattern, Spring Bunny, from a crochet Internet site. You will notice on the pattern that it can be embellished, and made into a fridgie magnet or pin.

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I have another craft passion, Beaded Bobby Pins and Jewelry!
My daughter and I saw a book, "Beaded Bobby Pins by Marilyn Green",
that caught our eye as we walked through a book store.
We decided to buy the book and give it a try.
Take a look at my "Tanya's Bead ‘n Craft site" page
to see some that we have made.
The large flower, four leaf clover, and flag are our own designs.
Also, check out my "Other Beaded Projects"

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