Microsonic vietnam-Ultrasonic sensor-Cảm biến siêu âm Microsonic-Microsonic sensor

Cảm biến siêu âm Microsonic-Microsonic vietnam-Microsonic sensor vietnam-Đại lý chính thức Microsonic tại Việt Nam-Chuyên cung cấp cảm biến siêu âm Microsonic-Cam bien sieu am Microsonic-Hãng Microsonic-Microsonic vietnam-Cam bien sieu am Mic+/Mic-/ics-/pico+/ipc-/zws--microsonic vietnam-Cam bien microsoni

mic+ ultrasonic sensors

mic+ sensors are available in four unit variants with five different detection ranges.

List code:

Microsonic vietnam mic+25/D/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+35/D/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+130/D/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+340/D/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+600/D/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+25/E/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+35/E/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+130/E/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+340/E/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+600/E/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+25/DD/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+35/DD/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+130/DD/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+340/DD/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+600/DD/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+25/EE/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+35/EE/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+130/EE/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+340/EE/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+600/EE/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+25/IU/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+35/IU/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+130/IU/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+340/IU/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+600/IU/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+25/DIU/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+35/DIU/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+130/DIU/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+340/DIU/TC
Microsonic vietnam mic+600/DIU/TC

mic ultrasonic sensors

These completely metal mic sensors are available in two device designs with five different detection ranges.

List code:

22102 mic-25/D/M
22122 mic-25/IU/M
22202 mic-35/D/M
22212 mic-35/DD/M
22222 mic-35/IU/M
22302 mic-130/D/M
22312 mic-130/DD/M
22322 mic-130/IU/M
22402 mic-340/D/M
22412 mic-340/DD/M
22422 mic-340/IU/M
22502 mic-600/D/M
22522 mic-600/IU/M

pico+ ultrasonic sensors

The new M18 ultrasonic sensor: 4 ranges, 3 operating modes, 2 housing’s designs, 1 IO-Link interface.

List code:

Microsonic vietnam pico+15/I
Microsonic vietnam pico+15/WK/I
Microsonic vietnam pico+15/U
Microsonic vietnam pico+15/WK/U
Microsonic vietnam pico+25/I
Microsonic vietnam pico+25/Wk/I
Microsonic vietnam pico+25/u
Microsonic vietnam pico+25/wk/u
Microsonic vietnam pico+35/I
Microsonic vietnam pico+35/wk/i
Microsonic vietnam pico+35/u
Microsonic vietnam pico+35/wwk/u
Microsonic vietnam pico+100/i
Microsonic vietnam pico+100/Wk/i
Microsonic vietnam pico+100/u
Microsonic vietnam pico+100/wk/u
Microsonic vietnam pico+15/f
Microsonic vietnam pico+15/wk/f
Microsonic vietnam pico+15/wk/f
Microsonic vietnam pico+25/F
Microsonic vietnam pico+25/wk/f
Microsonic vietnam pico+35/f
Microsonic vietnam pico+35/wk/f
Microsonic vietnam pico+100/f
Microsonic vietnam pico+100/wk/f

lpc ultrasonic sensors

The lpc sensors are available as a two switched outputs, a one analogue output and an analogue plus switched output version.

17050 lpc-25/CDD/M18
17051 lpc-25/CEE/M18
17055 lpc-25/CI/M18
17056 lpc-25/CU/M18
17052 lpc-25/CDU/M18
17053 lpc-25/CDI/M18

nano ultrasonic sensors

nano – what‘s in a name? At just 55 mm long, including plug, the nano is the shortest M12 ultrasonic sensor on the market.

lcs+ ultrasonic sensors

The new lcs+ ultrasonic sensors come in a very compact square-shaped housing - with analogue or switching output + IO-Link.

lcs ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sensors of the Ics serie are available in three device variants with three different operating ranges.

zws ultrasonic sensors

The zws sensors featuring a cubical housing and a teach-in button are among the market's smallest available ultrasonic sensors.

List code:

18035 zws-7/CD/QS
18001 zws-15/CD/QS
18009 zws-15/CD/ 5ms.a
18002 zws-15/CE/QS
18003 zws-15/CI/QS
18004 zws-15/CU/QS
18011 zws-24/CD/QS
18012 zws-24/CE/QS
18013 zws-24/CI/QS
18014 zws-24/CU/QS
18041 zws-25/CD/QS
18043 zws-25/CE/QS
18015 zws-70/CD/QS
18016 zws-70/CE/QS
18018 zws-70/CI/QS
18017 zws-70/CU/QS

sks ultrasonic sensors

The smallest of its kind: The sks sensor in cubical housing.

List code:

Microsonic vietnam sks-15/d
Microsonic vietnam sks-15/cd
Microsonic vietnam sks-15/e
Microsonic vietnam sks-15/ce
Microsonic vietnam sks-15/ci
Microsonic vietnam sks-15/cu

ucs ultrasonic sensors

The ucs sensors in a sturdy metal housing are mechanically compatible with the industrial standard of opto sensors.

List code:

19000 ucs-15/CDD/QM
19001 ucs-15/CEE/QM
19002 ucs-24/CDD/QM
19003 ucs-24/CEE/QM

crm+ ultrasonic sensors

The allround talent crm+ in stainless steel 1.4571 and with film-coated transducer.

List code: 

29110 crm+25/DD/TC/E
29120 crm+25/IU/TC/E
29200 crm+35/D/TC/E
29210 crm+35/DD/TC/E
29220 crm+35/IU/TC/E
29300 crm+130/D/TC/E
29310 crm+130/DD/TC/E
29320 crm+130/IU/TC/E
29330 crm+130/DIU/TC/E
29400 crm+340/D/TC/E
29410 crm+340/DD/TC/E
29420 crm+340/IU/TC/E
29430 crm+340/DIU/TC/E
29500 crm+600/D/TC/E
29510 crm+600/DD/TC/E
29520 crm+600/IU/TC/E

hps+ ultrasonic sensors

The ultrasonic transducers of the new pressure-resistant hps+ sensors are now fitted out - as standard - with a teflon film.

wms ultrasonic sensors

wms sensors are ideal for connecting to wms controllers.

List code:

31600 wms-25/RT/HV/M18
31310 wms-35/RT
31320 wms-130/RT
31330 wms-340/RT
31340 wms-600/RT

dbk+4 ultrasonic double sheet control

The latest type of ultrasonic double sheet control. Four variants: for all imaginable fitting positions.

List code:

16600 dbk+4/3CDD/M18 E+S
16610 dbk+4/WK/3CDD/M18 E+S
16620 dbk+4/M18/3CDD/M18 E+S
16630 dbk+4/M12/3CDD/M18 E+S
16650 dbk+4/3BEE/M18 E+S
16660 dbk+4/WK/3BEE/M18 E+S
16670 dbk+4/M18/3BEE/M18 E+S
16680 dbk+4/M12/3BEE/M18 E+S
16020 dbk-4/CD/O/M18 E+S
16070 dbk-4/CD/O/QP E+S
16132 dbk-4/BDD/O/M18 E+S
16027 dbk-4/CDD/O/M18 E+S
16061 dbk-4/CDD/O/QP E+S
16120 dbk-4/CEE/O/M18 E+S
16130 dbk-4/BEE/O/M18 E+S
16024 dbk-4/Sender/M18/K1
16021 dbk-4/Empf/CD/O/ M18
16025 dbk-4/Empf/CD/O/M18/ K3K1
16071 dbk-4/Empf/CD/O /QP
16026 dbk-4/Empf/CDD/O/M18
16121 dbk-4/Empf/CEE/O/M18
16131 dbk-4/Empf/BEE/O/M18

dbk+5 ultrasonic double sheet control

The latest type of ultrasonic double sheet control.

List code:

16230dbk-5/CDD/O/M30 E+S
16233dbk-5/CEE/O/M30 E+S
16235dbk-5/BDD/O/M30 E+S

esp-4 label/splice sensor

esp-4: label and splice sensor in one appliance.

Microsonic vietnam esp-4/3cdd/m18 e+s
Microsonic vietnam esp-4/empf/3cdd/m18
Microsonic vietnam esp-4/m12/3cdd/m18 e+s
Microsonic vietnam esp-4/empf/m12/3cdd/m18

esf-1 ultrasonic label and splice sensors

The esf-1 fork sensor can detect labels reliably even at high label speeds.

Microsonic vietnam esf-1/cf
Microsonic vietnam esf-1/15/cdf
Microsonic vietnam esf-1/cdf

bks+ ultrasonic web edge sensors

The bks+ edge sensor facilitates the contact-free web edge scanning of foils, paper and other soundimpermeable materials

bks ultrasonic edge sensors

The bks edge sensor facilitates the contact-free web edge scanning of foils, paper and other soundimpermeable materials.

List code:

14001 bks-3/CIU
14011 bks-6/12/CIU


The LCA-2 facilitates the comfortable setting of numerous microsonic sensor series (nice to have).