S.P.A. Members Questionnaire

posted 22 Jan 2017, 09:58 by Jayesh Mistry
Namaste all
Our Youth team is trying hard to find out the preferences of our members so that we can shape the future of our Association.
We sent out the following message to all the branches in late October;
Dear Members,
Namaste and Jay Shree Krishna.
I hope you are all doing well and in good health in preparation for Diwali.
The youth team would like to take this opportunity to help in understanding the way forward for our Samaj.
You will have heard by now from your branch secretaries and/or presidents regarding the need to understand what as a samaj we need to do to encourage our members to participate.
In order to try and understand this better, we have devised a short questionnaire which we encourage you to ask as many members as possible to engage in this process so that we at HQ and local level we can better understand the needs and thoughts of our members.
Below is a link to an online questionnaire which we would like you to distribute to all members as soon as possible.
The results of the questionnaire are totally anonymous, so we hope you will encourage as many to participate as possible.
The results of this we intend to publish at a later date.
We hope you will support us in this initiative and look forward to receiving some constructive feedback.
Kindest Regards
Divyen Mistry
on behalf of HQ Youth Team
A month after that request Divyen collected the data and the summary is shown in the chart below:
Out of around 4000 registered households, we got responses from only 38 people. Do you think this good? I think we are failing in our duties to get our members engaged, and this cannot be corrected without the support of Trustees and Officers of all the branches.
The bigger branches like London, Leicester, Tameside, Bradford and Birmingham is where I would have expected a large number of people taking part in the survey. Thank you Birmingham branch for being  one of the highest responders. Our conclusion for the lack of participation is that :
Either members are not interested in participating in Samaj activities
And/ or
Branch executive officers and committees are not doing enough to encourage members to  complete the questionnaire.
A combination of both!!!
If we are going to be serious about this initiative and want to think about the long term existence of SPAUK, then I need the support of the branches. You can do this by following the steps below and use your own words to encourage your members to take an active part in this questionnaire. Stress upon them that not taking part will have a negative impact on the long term existence of SPAUK:
1.       Send out the message in the attachment to all your members on your email contact list
2.       If you are sending out newsletters/ flyers then print the attached script
3.       If you are holding Christmas events/ or any other events over the next couple of months, give the details of how they can take part in the questionnaire.
4.       Finally and most importantly, keep reminding members to complete the questionnaire through repeated efforts, including key people in your branch sub groups.
I hope that you will support me and the Youth Team on this initiative. Do not forget to involve your committee members and ensure that all committee members, including the officers  complete the survey .
I  request all Branch Secretaries to respond back by Christmas to Hansaben stating  what actions you have taken to encourage your members to complete the questionnaire.
I will also be personally calling each Trustee who is nominated to represent the Branch on SPAUK board in a couple of weeks time to get an update, so please make sure that you are constantly liaising with your branch officers to know what the latest position is. Not knowing what is happening at your branch will not be taken as a useful response.
Jayesh Mistry,
22 Jan 2017, 09:58