SPA Cricket 2017 Wellingborough

posted 4 Mar 2017, 04:01 by Jayesh Mistry
Hi All
I am using my contact list from previous years, so if you are not the cricket lead for your branch anymore please pass this message on.
Hopefully by now your branches have made you aware that this years  SPA cricket tournament  is going to be held on the 16th July in Wellingborough,   The enter closing date is 1st July. Could you please give us an indication if your branch will be entering a team, (£130 per team) this helps me prepare for the day in advance.
Umpiring, if you know of anyone else who is willing  to help us with umpiring please let me know, this will help keep our cost down.
Please note :- As pre last years if you want to  enter a 2nd  team this will be fine ..  For smaller branches the same rules applies as last year that you can merge together to make a team up.  For Cricket only If there are any cricket players from any smaller branches who wants to play, even if it means 1 or 2 players from each branch I’m happy to take their names and see if we can build a mix team up from these branches,  my aim is to see more teams/participants to enter this year.  I urged all branches to come forward  and join us on this day.
Thanks in advance.
Place;- Wellingborough Old Grammarians Memorial Sports Field
Sywell Rd,
Wellingborough NN8 6BS
Date :- 16th July 2017.  Second date if rained off is 13th Aug
Reporting Time 8.30am First match Starts
Cost £130 per team (works out at £10 per player)
If you have any queries please contact the HQ youth team.
I have sent this mail to the captains of the branches I know of, but a few branches are missing, can you please send this mail to all youth leader once we get the confirmation, so the message is passed onto all branches. Thanks in advance.