Preston Blood Donation

posted 4 Mar 2017, 04:04 by Jayesh Mistry
JSK all

This year the Sewa Day organisation are campaigning to encourage to more Asian Blood Donors around the UK. In light of this Harkishanbhai from Sewa Day in conjunction with Gujarat Hindu Society & the NHS have organised a blood donation appeal.

Sewa Day have booked 10 slots specifically for asian donor at the next week Donation Clinic taking place at the Gujarat Hindu Society on Wed 8th March 2017.

If you wish to participate in the Preston Clinic then please contact Anjuben Mistry on

 As there is a short time from now and to the event I would be grateful if you pass the message onto friends and relatives who may be interested and eligible to be blood donors.

Please also see the attachment for further information on the appeal, regarding the importance of donating and if you wish take part in other clinics.




Dineshkaka - Please could you forward this to wider email list.

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Namaste Umeshbhai,


Please find attached:


·       Blood Donation Presentation

·       Preston Poster

·       Flow Chart

·       Press Release


Please can you give Anju a ring to discuss her progress so far. This is for session on 8th March so we need to communicate this quickly.

We have 10 slots reserved for Sewa Day so let’s see if we can do this by Friday 3rd.


Any help you need just give me a ring



Harkishan Mistry

UK Project Manager

Sewa Day (Registered Charity No 1146848)

Mobile: 07873344483