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Funeral Arrangement - (Late) Dahiben Vanmalibhai Mistry (Preston, (Gara)

posted 24 Apr 2017, 01:55 by Jayesh Mistry   [ updated 24 Apr 2017, 01:56 ]

Jai Shree Krishna

Please note below the Funeral arrangement for (Late) Dahiben Vanmalibhai Mistry.

Full details of the Funeral arrangement, as well as additional details of Besnu, Daily Prathna and a map, is provided in the attached PDF file:


-          Date:                     Thursday 27th April 2017

-          Public Darshan: 12.00 – 12.45pm

-          at:                           39 Tower Green, Fulwood, Preston PR2 9UU,+Fulwood,+Preston+PR2+9UU


Service at Crematorium:

-          Time:                     1.45pm

-          Venue:                 Longridge Road Crematorium, Longridge Road, Ribbleton, Preston PR2 5BY


Please kindly pass this message on to all family and friends.


Om Shantih…….Shantih……...Shantih


Jai Shree Krishna

Working Committee

SPA (UK) - Preston Branch

Deepest Sympathy - Late Dahiben V Mistry (Preston, (Gara)

posted 22 Apr 2017, 03:19 by Jayesh Mistry

Jai Shree Krishna

It is with deep sorrow to announce that Dahiben Vanmalibhai Mistry (Balvantbhai & Jayeshbhai Mistry’s mother), parted with her Soul this morning (Thursday morning, 20th April 2017). We offer our prayers to rest her Soul in Eternal Peace. Our deepest Sympathies and condolences to the family members and pray that All Mighty will give the family and relations strength during this time.


Details of funeral arrangement and besnu will be  provided as soon as they are confirmed. However you may pay respect to the family members and attend daily Prathna from 7pm – 8pm at:

-          Balvantbhai Vanmalibhai Mistry & Family

-          39 Tower Green

-          Fulwood

-          Preston PR2 9UU


-          Daily Prathna will be held from 7pm – 8pm at the above address. Everyone welcome.


Please kindly pass this message to all family and friends.

Om Shantih…….Shantih……...Shantih


Jai Shree Krishna

Working Committee

Shree Prajapati Samaj (UK) – Preston

HQ Mahila Samelan - Sunday 14th May 2017 @Leicester

posted 9 Apr 2017, 10:41 by Jayesh Mistry   [ updated 9 Apr 2017, 10:42 ]


Please find attached leaflet for invitation and details of the Mahila Samelan at the date and venue shown below:


·          SUNDAY 14th May 2017

·          @ Shree Prajapati Association Leicester, Ulverscroft Road, Leicester LE4 6BY


Please order your tickets from Umeshbhai by the deadline date of 1st May 2017 as per the leaflet (allocated on 1st come-1st Serve basis).

Note on this occasion, Preston Prajapati Samaj will pay Entrance Fee for our Preston Samaj Members.


Please pass the message onto all the family members


Kind Regards

Working Committee

Invitation to Samaj AGM & Membership Fee Renewal - Saturday 22nd April 2017

posted 9 Apr 2017, 10:40 by Jayesh Mistry


We are delighted to invite you and your family to the Samaj AGM at the date and venue shown below. Please see the attached leaflet for details and to pass the message to the whole family and encourage everyone to attend:


·        SATURDAY 22nd April 2017 from 6-8pm

·        @ St. Michael’s and All Angels with St Mark Church Hall, Egerton Road, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston PR2 5BY


The AGM provides an opportunity to highlight the year’s Samaj events, get feedback and elect a new working committee.

Membership Fee:

All members (aged 18 and over), please bring your membership fee to the AGM, and also please settle your overdue Membership Fee from previous years (if any). The attached AGM Leaflet provides full details about the Membership Fee.

For the purpose of snack estimate, please let the committee member know how many family members will attend the AGM too.

Kind Regards

Working Committee

One Pound Coins and £5 Notes- FOR GENERAL INFORAMTION

posted 2 Apr 2017, 04:39 by Jayesh Mistry

Are you a coin hoarder? If so, this is a huge warning. Empty your piggybanks, upend your coin jars, scrabble behind the sofa and get all your pound coins together – then spend or save ’em before October.
Update Tue 28 Mar: This blog was first published in February, but now the new £1 coin has entered circulation, we’ve updated the info below.
With the new 12-sided £1 coin just having hit the streets, the current round version will stop being legal tender (and so won’t be accepted in shops) on 15 October 2017. After that, if you still have any old £1 coins, you won’t be able to spend them.
Of course, you’ve a few months left yet to sort it. But it’s worth doing it now, as with piggybanks and coin jars it’s all too easy to squirrel money away and forget about it.
Many banks and building societies have told us they will continue to accept the old pound coin even after 15 October. But all those we asked, including Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds/Bank of Scotland, Nationwide, RBS and Santander, said they’d only do this for their own customers.
So if you’re left holding old pound coins after they stop being legal tender and your bank won’t play ball, opening a new account with a different provider may be the only solution.
In any event, carting a bag of coins to the bank is likely to be a real faff – particularly if there isn’t a branch near where you live. So it’s much better simply to spend or save them now.
If you’re saving for something specific though, don’t feel this warning means you need to abandon your piggybank savings plan. Simply take the pound coins out and replace them with a note or other coins of a similar value – then keep on saving…
What about old fivers – aren’t they also being scrapped?
That’s right. The shiny new plastic fivers are already in circulation, and the older, larger fiver is leaving us even sooner than the pound – the withdrawal date’s set for 5 May.
Now technically, unlike the pound coin, the £5 banknote is produced by the Bank of England and not the Royal Mint. This means that, even after it’s been scrapped, the old fiver is covered by what’s effectively a Bank of England ‘buy back guarantee’ – old banknotes officially hold their face value “for all time”.
That means if you’re stuck with an old fiver after 5 May, you can still exchange it at face value with the Bank of England in London, in person or by post (at your own risk). What’s more, while they’re under no obligation to do so, many banks and building societies say they will accept the old fivers from their own customers.
But in practice, sorting it after 5 May will be a hassle. So if you can, check if you’ve got any old fivers (though you’re probably less likely to have a stash of them than old pound coins) and use them while you’re able to.
Here’s a timetable of all the forthcoming currency changes:
How notes and coins are changing
28 March 2017
New ’12-sided’ £1 coin entered circulation
5 May 2017
Old ‘non-polymer’ £5 note withdrawn
15 October 2017
Old £1 coin withdrawn
September 2017 (Date TBC)
New polymer £10 note launched
2020 (Date TBC)
New polymer £20 note launched

Preston Blood Donation

posted 4 Mar 2017, 04:04 by Jayesh Mistry

JSK all

This year the Sewa Day organisation are campaigning to encourage to more Asian Blood Donors around the UK. In light of this Harkishanbhai from Sewa Day in conjunction with Gujarat Hindu Society & the NHS have organised a blood donation appeal.

Sewa Day have booked 10 slots specifically for asian donor at the next week Donation Clinic taking place at the Gujarat Hindu Society on Wed 8th March 2017.

If you wish to participate in the Preston Clinic then please contact Anjuben Mistry on

 As there is a short time from now and to the event I would be grateful if you pass the message onto friends and relatives who may be interested and eligible to be blood donors.

Please also see the attachment for further information on the appeal, regarding the importance of donating and if you wish take part in other clinics.




Dineshkaka - Please could you forward this to wider email list.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Harkishan Mistry <>
Date: 27 February 2017 at 12:35
Subject: Preston Blood Donation

Namaste Umeshbhai,


Please find attached:


·       Blood Donation Presentation

·       Preston Poster

·       Flow Chart

·       Press Release


Please can you give Anju a ring to discuss her progress so far. This is for session on 8th March so we need to communicate this quickly.

We have 10 slots reserved for Sewa Day so let’s see if we can do this by Friday 3rd.


Any help you need just give me a ring



Harkishan Mistry

UK Project Manager

Sewa Day (Registered Charity No 1146848)

Mobile: 07873344483



SPA Cricket 2017 Wellingborough

posted 4 Mar 2017, 04:01 by Jayesh Mistry

Hi All
I am using my contact list from previous years, so if you are not the cricket lead for your branch anymore please pass this message on.
Hopefully by now your branches have made you aware that this years  SPA cricket tournament  is going to be held on the 16th July in Wellingborough,   The enter closing date is 1st July. Could you please give us an indication if your branch will be entering a team, (£130 per team) this helps me prepare for the day in advance.
Umpiring, if you know of anyone else who is willing  to help us with umpiring please let me know, this will help keep our cost down.
Please note :- As pre last years if you want to  enter a 2nd  team this will be fine ..  For smaller branches the same rules applies as last year that you can merge together to make a team up.  For Cricket only If there are any cricket players from any smaller branches who wants to play, even if it means 1 or 2 players from each branch I’m happy to take their names and see if we can build a mix team up from these branches,  my aim is to see more teams/participants to enter this year.  I urged all branches to come forward  and join us on this day.
Thanks in advance.
Place;- Wellingborough Old Grammarians Memorial Sports Field
Sywell Rd,
Wellingborough NN8 6BS
Date :- 16th July 2017.  Second date if rained off is 13th Aug
Reporting Time 8.30am First match Starts
Cost £130 per team (works out at £10 per player)
If you have any queries please contact the HQ youth team.
I have sent this mail to the captains of the branches I know of, but a few branches are missing, can you please send this mail to all youth leader once we get the confirmation, so the message is passed onto all branches. Thanks in advance.

Single? Let's Mingle! Event 13th May 2017

posted 4 Mar 2017, 03:59 by Jayesh Mistry

 Namaste Branch Memebers,

Please find attached the Single? Let’s Mingle! Event Flyer for details

Preston Branch

S.P.A. Members Questionnaire

posted 22 Jan 2017, 09:58 by Jayesh Mistry

Namaste all
Our Youth team is trying hard to find out the preferences of our members so that we can shape the future of our Association.
We sent out the following message to all the branches in late October;
Dear Members,
Namaste and Jay Shree Krishna.
I hope you are all doing well and in good health in preparation for Diwali.
The youth team would like to take this opportunity to help in understanding the way forward for our Samaj.
You will have heard by now from your branch secretaries and/or presidents regarding the need to understand what as a samaj we need to do to encourage our members to participate.
In order to try and understand this better, we have devised a short questionnaire which we encourage you to ask as many members as possible to engage in this process so that we at HQ and local level we can better understand the needs and thoughts of our members.
Below is a link to an online questionnaire which we would like you to distribute to all members as soon as possible.
The results of the questionnaire are totally anonymous, so we hope you will encourage as many to participate as possible.
The results of this we intend to publish at a later date.
We hope you will support us in this initiative and look forward to receiving some constructive feedback.
Kindest Regards
Divyen Mistry
on behalf of HQ Youth Team
A month after that request Divyen collected the data and the summary is shown in the chart below:
Out of around 4000 registered households, we got responses from only 38 people. Do you think this good? I think we are failing in our duties to get our members engaged, and this cannot be corrected without the support of Trustees and Officers of all the branches.
The bigger branches like London, Leicester, Tameside, Bradford and Birmingham is where I would have expected a large number of people taking part in the survey. Thank you Birmingham branch for being  one of the highest responders. Our conclusion for the lack of participation is that :
Either members are not interested in participating in Samaj activities
And/ or
Branch executive officers and committees are not doing enough to encourage members to  complete the questionnaire.
A combination of both!!!
If we are going to be serious about this initiative and want to think about the long term existence of SPAUK, then I need the support of the branches. You can do this by following the steps below and use your own words to encourage your members to take an active part in this questionnaire. Stress upon them that not taking part will have a negative impact on the long term existence of SPAUK:
1.       Send out the message in the attachment to all your members on your email contact list
2.       If you are sending out newsletters/ flyers then print the attached script
3.       If you are holding Christmas events/ or any other events over the next couple of months, give the details of how they can take part in the questionnaire.
4.       Finally and most importantly, keep reminding members to complete the questionnaire through repeated efforts, including key people in your branch sub groups.
I hope that you will support me and the Youth Team on this initiative. Do not forget to involve your committee members and ensure that all committee members, including the officers  complete the survey .
I  request all Branch Secretaries to respond back by Christmas to Hansaben stating  what actions you have taken to encourage your members to complete the questionnaire.
I will also be personally calling each Trustee who is nominated to represent the Branch on SPAUK board in a couple of weeks time to get an update, so please make sure that you are constantly liaising with your branch officers to know what the latest position is. Not knowing what is happening at your branch will not be taken as a useful response.

SPA UK Charity Golf 14.5.2016 Final scores

posted 22 Jan 2017, 09:54 by Jayesh Mistry

Hello All,

Hope you are all well and have been enjoying your golf.
We are now pleased to announce this year's golf tournament will be held at the West Midlands Golf Club on Saturday 24th June, kindly hosted by Birmingham branch.
Bharatbhai has put in a lot of effort to secure this wonderful course and venue so we hope that you can all support what will be a great day out and family occasion.

All details are found on the attachments along with the player's and spectators form
In summary, the cost this year has slightly risen £50 per player which includes breakfast roll, green fees, halfway house and presentation BBQ.
All entries to be received by 4th June.

Observations from last year's competition was scoring needs to improve.  To help with this, we will be sending out in due course the Stableford scoring system.  This will ensure golfer's score themselves correctly, it is clearly legible and the card is handed correctly signed.  Failure to do this may impede your score.
This is not only to help the administration of the scorecards, but also to ensure golfer's following the same scoring guideline you would have at any golf course when playing in a competition.
Secondly, the timeliness of play needs to be observed so that we are able to being and end promptly for the rest of the event to proceed (i.e. food and presentation)

We are once again looking for generous hole sponsors, cash/prize donors for the raffle with all proceeds going towards SPA (UK) charities.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either Bharatbhai or SPA youth team for further information.

We look forward to your entries and good golfing!

Best Regards

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