Basic Spanish Description

This course introduces and discusses the most important aspects of teaching: basic theory, job opportunities, teaching speaking, grammar, listening, reading and writing skills, how to assess student needs, develop a syllabus, and hints and tricks for a more enjoyable teaching environment. During the course ready to go lesson plans will be provided to help you implement the techniques discussed. Each day there will be a new lesson for you to practice your Spanish. Lessons are designed with popular topics including: real life, music, eavesdropping (gossip), slang and the movies. Lessons include an intro, listening comprehension, dialogue with idiomatic expressions explained, a discussion section, grammar point and follow-up quiz. Grammar chants can be a lot of fun to use in classes. They are especially effective to help students learn problematic forms, words, etc. Through repetition the right side of the brain engages its 'musical' intelligence.

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