Teams may consist of up to 6 students. All 6 students may participate in the skit. However, in the music, grammar, and head to head quiz stations, one student will be asked to sit out.

Students are allowed to "play up." For example, a Spanish 2 student may play for the Spanish 3 team. Students are not allowed to "play down." For example, a Spanish 3 student is not allowed to play on the Spanish 2 team.

Heritage Speakers:

In order to make the competition fair for schools that do not have heritage speakers, we wanted to establish some guidelines for the inclusion of heritage speakers in the competition.

Because the term “heritage speaker” can be used to describe students with a wide spectrum of language skills, heritage speakers are not necessarily banned from competition. Decisions will be left up to the individual teacher. Here are some guidelines to help teachers decide whether or not to include their heritage speakers on their team.

  • The student must be legitimately enrolled in the Spanish class for the level that they are competing. 
  • If the heritage speaker has a lot higher proficiency than their peers and most students at their level, we would ask the teacher to not include them on the team.
  • If there is a tough situation and the teacher would still like to bring a high proficiency heritage speaker, they could be the 6th teammate and participate in the skit, but sit out on the head to head, music, and grammar stations.


  • Station 1 (25 pts.): Skit/Sing Along (prep beforehand)

  • Station 2 (20 pts.): Head to head to head quiz (culture, geography, current events)

  • Station 3 (25 pts.): Music (identify genres, cloze listening activity)

  • Station 4 (25 pts.): Storytelling: write a story related to the theme given by judge

  • Station 5: Tour of Central College

Spanish 3, 4: Skit

Each Spanish 3, and 4 group will prepare a 2 minute skit. This year's theme for the skit is “Leyenda/Cuento de Hadas." The Legend/Fairy Tale can be from the Spanish or English speaking world. It may be easier to incorporate the cultural aspect if a Spanish speaking Legend/Fairy Tale were used. Each team should prepare and practice a 2 minute Leyenda/Cuento de Hadas before arriving. Each group should also bring 2 printed copies of the script to give to the judges. Props and costumes are not allowed. After much debate and asking for the opinions of the teachers and participants, we feel that this forces students to focus on the language. Students may pantomime items. If a team uses props, they will receive a 5 point penalty.

Skits will be judged according to the following rubric:

Español - 10 puntos

1 - muchos errores. es difícil entender. no memorizado

5 - Tiene bastantes errores y/o partes memorizadas

10 - casi ningún error. memorizado

Cultura - 10 puntos (include product, perspective, and/or practice)

1 - casi no hay nada de la cultura

5 - Tiene algo de la cultura

10 - mucha cultura

Creatividad - 5 puntos

1 - falta de creatividad

3 - No está mal

5 - ¡Súper creativa!

Use of Props/Costumes?    Y / N    (-5points)

Spanish 2: Sing Along
Each Spanish 2 group will prepare a maximum four minute Sing Along song in Spanish. (search Youtube, iTunes, etc) You may choose whatever genre of authentic music you wish as long as the song is sung in Spanish. Please no songs for Spanish students, however, Spanish covers of English songs are ok. You should practice and prepare singing the song before arriving. Please bring 2 printed copies of the lyrics to give to the judges. Each team should also bring their own music and playing device. The device may be placed next to the microphone for further amplification. Props and costumes are not allowed. After much debate and asking for the opinions of the teachers and participants, we feel that this forces students to focus on the language. If a team uses props, they will receive an automatic 5 point penalty.

Remember, this is a sing along and not lip-synch, while singing talent will not be factored in to the judge's evaluations, they will be looking for loud, energetic voices with correct Spanish pronunciation as well as creative movements during the song. We encourage no soloists, however, you may have minimal parts with a Soloist. More than 1 verse will result in a 5 point penalty.

Sing Along will be judged according to the following rubric:

Precisión - 10 puntos

1 - muchos errores. es difícil entender. no memorizado

5 - Tiene bastantes errores y/o partes memorizadas

10 - Casi ningún error. Memorizado

Energía - 10 puntos

1 - casi no hay nada de energía. No se escucha bien

5 - Tiene algo de energía. Se escucha más o menos.

10 - Mucha energía. Se escucha muy bien.

Movimiento - 5 puntos

1 - falta de movimiento

3 - No está mal

5 - ¡Muchísimo movimiento!

Use of Props/Costumes?    Y / N    (-5points)

Soloist sings more than 1 verse?    Y / N    (-5 points)

Head to Head Quiz

Students will compete in a head to head quiz against other students of the same level. A powerpoint slide with a question in Spanish will be projected and read for 1 pt. each. It will be related to Cultura (La Comida, La Literatura, El Arte, Los Deportes, Las Celebraciones), Geografía (Banderas, Capitales, Moneda Nacional), Noticias, La Historia, La Gente (Hispanohablantes Famosos, Grupos Indígenas) and El Idioma. Students will try to be the first to buzz in and correctly answer the question.

Las Reglas:

  1. Students must press the buzzer to answer questions.

  2. The first student to press the buzzer will be recognized by the Reader and asked to give the answer. The student must give their answer immediately.

  3. The students on each team may not discuss the questions with each other before or after pressing the buzzer.

  4. Students have 5 seconds to press the buzzer to answer the question after it is read. If no one presses the buzzer within the 5 second time limit, the Reader will give the answer and move on to the next question.

  5. If a student gives an incorrect answer to a question, the Reader will inform the student that the answer is not correct. Then the other team may attempt to answer the question by pressing the buzzer. If the other team gives an incorrect answer, the Reader will give the correct answer and move on to the next question.

  6. Students may buzz in while the question is still being read. If the answer is incorrect, the question will be re-read in its entirety before starting the 5 second countdown.

  7. Each team and each individual will be awarded 1 point for each correct answer. There will be no penalties for incorrect answers.

  8. All decisions of the Reader are final.

Each teacher will submit 5 questions (as a Google Presentation) per level to AATSP-IA Vice President, Amy Schumann who will use these questions to create each round.

Here are 5 SAMPLE Spanish 2 questions. The questions will be projected as a slide show. As you can see, they are 100% in Spanish with the visual support of seeing the written question and an image. Also, the students will see and hear the category before the question is revealed/read. We felt that this was a way that we could stay in the target language, yet make it answerable for our students. Feel free to show these questions to your students as they will not be asked during the competition.


Parte 1: Students will hear selections of songs and will need to identify the genre from a list of options. They will hear the song selections two times.

Recommended preparation: Students can search for the following types of music on YouTube and listen to the results to get a general feel for the style. These are the only genres that will be tested.










pop latino

Parte 2: This station is a cloze activity. Students will be given a lyric sheet for a song in Spanish with some words omitted. They will need to listen to the song and write the correct words as they hear them. They will hear the song twice.

Recommended preparation: The website: is a good tool that will help students develop their listening skills within the context of Spanish music.


Students will have ten minutes to write a story related to the theme given by their judge. Judges will award points based on both creativity and accuracy of Spanish

food, restaurant, travel, vacation, school, classes, clothing, shopping, family, hobbies, sports, around the house

Español - 10 puntos

1 - Hay muchos errores y es difícil entender.

5 - Tiene bastantes errores.

10 - Casi hay ningún error.

El Tema - 10 puntos

1 - Casi no incorpora el tema asignado.

5 - Parcialmente incorpora el tema asignado

10 - Incorpora muy bien el tema asignado

Creatividad - 5 puntos

1 - Hay una falta de creatividad.

3 - No está mal.

5 - ¡Es súper creativa!

Total: ________________ /25 puntos


9:00-9:30 Arrival/Registration
9:30-10:20 Opening Ceremony, Instructions, Meet n' Greet Activity
10:25-10:45 Round 1
10:50-11:10 Round 2
11:15-11:35 Round 3
11:40-12:20 Lunch
12:25-12:45 Round 4
12:50-1:10 Round 5
1:15-1:35 Round 6
1:40-2:00 Break (Calculate Points)
2:00-2:30 Closing Ceremony (Performance of Top Skits/Sing alongs, Awards)
2:30 Departure


Certificates for all.

Ribbons for 1st - 3rd place.

Trophy for 1st place (Spanish 2, 3 and 4)

In the case of a tie for 1st - 3rd place, we will have a sudden-death trivia question tiebreaker.


The cost is $11 per student. This includes lunch at Central. Teachers are free! If parents would like to eat at Central, please RSVP before Friday, March 31st. The cost is $6. Checks should be made out to AATSP-IA.