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5 Verb Exercises

The verb display has hree areas: question, answer and score.
The question is a verb, a tense and a person. The user's task is to provide the correct conjugation using the keypad. When the Done button is touched, 
  • the answer is checked against the conjugation engine 
  • the score is presented, along with the correct answer, in the score area. 
  • another question is generated.
The score area is only visible when the keypad is dismissed. In the image to the lower right, a response has been entered and marked as incorrect.

To generate a new question, just touch the text bar. With only two touches between questions, the exercise runs at the speed of the user.

In addition to basic operation, there are other controls on this display.
  • The reset button resets the score and generates a new question.
  • The disclosure button to the right of the text bar will display the conjugation of the given verb in the requested tense.
  • The disclosure button to the right of the question area will display the conjugator preloaded with the verb in question.