Orange Spanish-English Pocket Companion for iPhone/iPod Touch


  • English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English translation dictionary with over 29,000 terms; no Internet or phone connection required.
  • Personal dictionary integrates additional user-defined translations with main dictionary.
  • Favourites list tracks troublesome translations and integrates with flashcard exercises to promote recall.
  • Verb exercises integrate with a conjugation engine to help learn and remember rules of conjugation.
  • Complete conjugations can be produced on demand for any search term that results in a known verb.

Additional Features

  • Search terms are automatically bookmarked to make repeated searches easier. English and Spanish bookmarks are maintained separately.
  • Closure lists are generated automatically to permit browsing through transitive definitions.
  • Search results are produced immediately as you type, including words with embedded search terms.
  • Search terms do not require capitalization or accents to be provided.
  • Flashcard exercises consist of randomly generated multiple-choice recall questions. They can be weighted in discrete steps from 100% English question with Spanish answers to 100% Spanish question with English answers. The language used in each individual exercise is chosen at random so that the ratio of questions in each language matches statistically with the selected weight.
  • Flashcard exercises include translations chosen from both the list of favourites and the integrated full and personal dictionaries. The ratio can be adjusted in several discrete steps to prefer favourites, mix them in, or avoid them entirely. The ratio ranges are adjusted to account for the size of the favourites list.
  • Verb exercises prompt for verb, person and tense. Each of these is chosen at random. The response is received through the keypad and checked against the conjugation generated by the conjugation engine.
  • The conjugation engine provides both the simple and compound forms of any verb in present, future, past imperfect, preterite, conditional, subjunctive and the two imperfect subjunctive tenses.
  • Accents for personal-dictionary entries and verb exercises can be entered in a simple way without changing keyboard layouts or internationalized keyboards.
  • Each main display and many of the minor ones contain an info button that reveals additional context-dependent information about the use and purpose of the program features.