Honors Spanish Three Course Description

Honors Spanish Three is a challenging course in which students will be exposed to a variety of vocabulary groups and be able to understand, speak, read and write them in the context of new linguistic and grammatical patterns. Classes will offer speaking practice and frequent written work utilizing rich language while at the same time continually integrating idioms and newly acquired lexical items.   Students will use the on-line course to complete assignments in addition to the drills and exercises of the teacher.  Students should have studied a minimum of two full years to feel comfortable in this group. Students successfully completing my Honors Spanish Two are ready for this course.  Other students may be eligible after an interview.

To assure correct placement, it is recommended that new students schedule a SKYPE or telephone conference with the teacher.
Required Texts:
    • DESCUBRE @2014 Edition Level 2 - This NEW-for-2014 interactive system comes included a textbook, with the eCuaderno and access to the Supersite (to preview, check out http://descubre2.vhlcentral.com/home/?view=student                                                   

ISBN: 978-1-61857-411-4

  $135.60  DESCUBRE 2 @2014                         (Student    edition and Supersite and eCuaderno code)  

        To purchase please go to www.vistahigherlearning.com  (the  publisher)

                                                     Buying from the publisher assures access to the computer components.

                                                      When purchasing the name of "our school" will be PA Homeschoolers.

      I would appreciate an email from the student confirming this purchase so I may orient him/her to the text before the first class.

Time requirements:  Class will meet once a week (time to be determined by consensus) for approximately one hour.  Advanced Spanish Seminar students usually devote about 3 hours per week to this class.   The course will start right after Labor Day and extend into April, with a week off for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

Technical Requirements:  Reliable internet, e-mail, and Skype 5.0.  Your word-processing program should offer accent marks and special punctuation marks peculiar to Spanish writing.  (Check in Symbols).

Who can apply: Students should apply if they have studied at least two or three full years of Spanish and if have superior skills in at least three of the four areas of foreign language learning: understanding, speaking, reading, and writing. Mastery of present as well as past tenses in Spanish is necessary.  Students should be able to respond both orally and in writing ii\n answering questions. As this is an advanced class, these students should be highly motivated, intellectually curious and be ready to devote time and their best effort to keep current with the pace of the lessons

Tuition$650 until July 1st; $700 after that
Questions? Concerns?
Email Ray Leven rayleven27@gmail.com for answers. Gracias!

Testimonial for Honors Spanish Three Course

Professor Leven's Honors Three class is very enjoyable, and I learned a lot. Thanks to his class, after being confused for three years, I finally understand all the tenses and their uses.  He has a lot of useful mnemonics that make memorizing the trickier details of tense usage and spelling changes easier to remember. After explaining a tricky topic, he always stops to make sure that he's explained it in a way that the class understands. The numerous in- class drills are demanding, but they really taught me to think on my feet. I'm currently preparing to take the Spanish CLEP, and, thanks to Profesor Leven, I'm scoring well enough on practice exams to easily achieve my goal of not having to take a foreign language in college. 

-Christina Sanford